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the third one you're looking for is linux

I use Unreal, is it similar there?

just to clarify, we can publish content with this in it for stuff like a game jam, as long as we don't get money from it right?

The image was pretty small. It was probably just me being dumb, but when i tried to use it in my game and scale it up in the engine, it got all blurry, so I had to manually change the size using a pixel art app. 

I don't plan on making money with this, but is it OK to use this in a game jam? the jam's rules say we can use other art as long as its free, but I figured I should ask your permission first.

oop, i forgot about that

you should make all your flash games downloadable somehow, so we can still play these after flash player gets the boot coming up here pretty soon

slightly concerned, because i got a home warranty spam advertisement email right after i loaded this game

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Is there any chance you could make this and killer escape 4 playable online? I know flash is becoming unsupported, but maybe html? My garbage computer won't run this game, but it usually runs stuff online just fine. I am a huge fan and hope to be able to play this eventually, even if you can't make it online. Thanks!

i played this on browser, and an error message popped up.. like outside of the game. not sure if that was intended (it was a unity related error) ut it was still freaky. good game!