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Ok I will look into that. Thank you for the feedback. 

Hello!! Sorry for the late reply. A ui framework is being worked on at the moment. Its particularly buggy at the moment and is still a while from being fixed. Its nothing to advanced like Godot but it will greatly simplify development. If worse comes to worse in development then a coding window alternative will have to be considered. 

Awesome!!! I tried out the game and it's really addictive!!!

The new game engine release is only a couple of months away so I am excited that there are still people that are using this one!!


Yep the update is taking some time though :/

Yes. Although development is very very slow. I currently have a test build of it.

It can?

Future Dlc Maybe???? EVerytime you get the cat is the dungeon master you get cat???? THe dev should incorporate this....???


I made it with HTML5!!!


Thank you! I know it is not much of an engine but I enjoyed making it. Hopefully when I make its sequel it will be a lot better.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the project! Sadly I put this project to rest but in a week to two more weeks, Evo Silver Will Come Out. You can contact me at my email to get the engine for free when it comes out.

what da dog doin

Yup. The new version is probably halfway done but I don't know if I am going to market it as evo silver or a new engine.

what da dog doin

This game should be a lot more famous.

Hello! I am Mork and I am working on a vitual tabletop rpg game. I have been working on the game for a few months except I have one problem. There is no art for characters or for areas the people play at. I will need people to design characters, villains, or areas such as forests or dungeons. If someone would also like to design weapons I will be happy to let them join. This will be unpaid at first but future compensation may be possible after the game is published. You may contact me at

Hello. I am the creator of Evo Game Engine. Currently I am looking for someone who can make fantasy looking characters and villains for a virtual tabletop rpg game I am working on. If you would like to help with this project then email me at 

Hello. I am Mork from Mork Studios. We are a small team of developers who created the Evo Game Engine. We are currently working on a virtual tabletop rpg game that is similar to dnd. We mostly need art for characters and maps but if you are interested then contact our team at . As of pay we may be able to work something out of 25% profit or less based off how much this will be fun for you.

I played with my cat. It mauled my friend. I don't think that campaign lasted that long.

Ele será lançado em algumas semanas ou assim.

Mycket bra fågel. Jag ser att det är väldigt smol!

Thank you! I will be adding features every week from now.  I would have added more already, but the current release I am working on has been bugging out.

For the engine, It not only uses online images. You can put a link to a local file. For example if your built game is in your desktop, add your sprites to your desktop and reference them via "./spritename.png".  And thank you for the review.

Thanks. I will implement these new features. I am super great full for the feedback.

Yep! The engine can run on chrome but not a chromebook.

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Hello! After you unzip the folder, there will be a main.html file. Open that and you are set :) 

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Gracias. Me alegro lo hayas encontrado interesante!

Hello Fellow Tool-otologists! 

My name is mork and I have made the evo game engine tool. I was wondering if somebody could review it and tell me what it needs to be better. The reason for this is because I am only 1 person and sometimes I accidentally let bugs slip out of my sight. I also want to say I am excited for the upcoming competition that I will get from this jam. I have experienced small game jams before but this is a shark compared to the minnow jams I did before. Anyways I would like to wish everything the best of luck, and please comment below if your interested in testing it out. (I will give a pro version to whoever does this).

Mork Shmork

P.S.: Sorry about my horrible english. I am not native speaker.  I am used to a dialect of swedish.

pretty cool

so mean

How did you know I was making one? Er... Maybe in 3 months or so.... The game will feature many maps like city village or pond and have 3d graphics. I have really only been planning it. 

The Text File(readme.txt) contains the code. If it does not re-download it.

Glad you enjoyed the game. To make it we had to hire 27 scientists to do research on ducks. The output was a success.

Press D then add your dlc code when the game starts.

The code will be in the text file