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A lot of fun playing this. The puzzles make one think but a few items were hard to find (likely because I am blind as a bat). I did encounter some bugs you may be interested in seeing :)  Ty for inviting me to see the game and I look forward to seeing progress.

Such a great demo. Please , please say this is going to become a full game.

I recorded a playthough to help with dev.

I had an unusual reaction to this game? Honestly I got really into it. I was inspired. The narrarator's voice is hypnotic. Here is a sample, perhaps someone can explain this...

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I have read toooo many books in my life (jk there is never to many) and I love this game. I hope to play some more, very soon. I have included a vid of the playthough to help with dev and feedback. Please keep up the great work. 

Strong story with a good mystery.  Sound effects to help with immersion (great touch btw). I am curious to know how the stats will effect later game :) I will be playing more soon.

This is a wonderful concept. The enviroment was excellent. I hope to see more in the future. Here is a vid to help with game dev:

Wonderful game. I can't wait to see a full game release from Devs.  Atmosphere is great and the topic, chilling.  Love your work :) Here is vid of the playthrough for dev purposes. Thank you so much. 

Out of curiousity is there a setting to blur vital bits? I record for youtube and I love the concept of taking survival to a different lvl but of course youtube has rules. If you should impliment something of this sort would you be ok with ppl recording vids of your work?

This Demo is so great! The enviromentals are very immersive. The jump scares were well timed and lasted just long enough :) Here is a vid for your pleasure

A wonderful game of melodrama. Loved this clue like game. Enjoy the mystery :)

Lovely enviroment and wonderful story. I gone and purchased the full game. I must know what happened. Enjoy the mystery: 

Loved the enviroment and sound.  Proves even in a short time the creepy factor can be acomplished. Enjoy the fear:

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This game is RAGE inducing. I loved it. Here is my playthrough. Enjoy my pain :)

A simple music box, a gift...and then the storm....Wonderful suspense and creepiness. Here is a play through and a review at the end plus a few thoughts on the story (Play the game before watching the ending thoughts)

Tried out your wonderful game here is a link to the vid if interested . Wonderfully suspensful :)