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Blackout: The Darkest Night

Once you glimpse behind the shadows, you’ll never be the same. · By MiniChimera

This is Amazing!

A topic by More2Me4Life created May 15, 2018 Views: 217 Replies: 1
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I have read toooo many books in my life (jk there is never to many) and I love this game. I hope to play some more, very soon. I have included a vid of the playthough to help with dev and feedback. Please keep up the great work. 

Strong story with a good mystery.  Sound effects to help with immersion (great touch btw). I am curious to know how the stats will effect later game :) I will be playing more soon.


Thank you for the video, I'm happy you enjoyed it! It was very cool to see you react to what was going on, you also read it very well which makes the video a pleasure to watch, I would love to see you play more once the game is complete =)

And thanks for pointing out some of the typos and errors as well, the final version will go through proofreading before being published.