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absolutely perfect game, 9.5/10 not long enough

this is so cute!!!!


this is so hard whatttt

This is *such* a sweet game! But it crashed for me at around day 14 :(

I still had so much fun though!! Hard recommend

loved the game! wish I had some khlav kalash first though

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No, it's not about the waiting period. On browser the game is completely unplayable due to ppt levels of stuttering and input delays

omg i like 2 a bit more it's gonna be sooo cute!!!! i cannot wait for the release aaaa

I got here to comment this exact thing!! That mobile game is almost a complete rip. I bet they just took the code and changed out some sprites and wrote a wrapper around it.


Absolutely awesome game! The mechanic is super cool and I love the extra levels for some extra challenge. 

this is pure, sublime art

In my opinion RNG is a little too dominant in this game. Fequently you can only complete a run if you "get lucky", and sometimes the game just RNGs you into a certain death.

I love how it's also an intro to academic research!

feels like luck be a landlord but weird

can't believe i'm playing a game about responsibilities instead of taking care of my own

thank uuuuuu!! this is such a cute game and I loved playing it sm

"is there a way to turn off transness in the trans cyberpunk game?"

There's a softlock bug right after the crossing element is introduced, you go into this big chamber underground, and if you restart you're placed outside the boundary and can't move.

Playing online btw

thanks for the reply!! I thought Singer was a bit out of place as a contemporary philospoher! Philosophy and history is an interest of mine and I'm glad to see some people reflected here!

Slight spoilers but this is the comments anyway

Rene Descarte, Hannah Arendt

Mary Wollstonecraft(?), Edmund Husserl? Burke?

Zeno of Elea, Philippa Foot

Hypatia of Alexandria, Ayn Rand (bleh)

Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre

Soren Kierkegaard, Albert Camus

Karl Marx, Adam Smith

Rosa Luxemburg(??), Peter Singer(??)

I really love how you placed some pairs together, like de Beauvoir and Sartre, Kierkegaard and Camus, and Marx and Smith. Overall it's a really nice game!

it's got great ambience but the fight is way too hard, if you don't make the correct choice it just kills you immediately and spits you out to do it again. Unsure what the point of that is.

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feet        feet

yessss it was so sweet and pretty!

Did u like it? 👀

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this is such a sweet game! I can never get enough of these happy trans slice of life games. Makes me believe I can have a life like this one day.

Also, the "she" page after getting the banana slug is bugged.

thanks so much for making this game!

EDIT: oh and please put in a scroll function haha

soo goood but soooo hard ashjhlbkga

I appreciated the pronouns. Very helpful for people who use neopronouns.

omg spinny dress

whaaaat afsgdrhfjgkhlj why is this so cute aaaahhhhhhh

British Simulator community · Created a new topic sublime

this game is truly the definition of the sublime

this is the best remote-sensing themed game i've ever played

this is also the only remote-sensing themed game I've ever played but it's still pretty good!!

I love the customization and the setting!! Can't wait for more to come!

very nice artstyle! and I like the inertia mechanics

oh my god this is amazing aaahhh

this is hilarious! what a cute little game

whaaaaaaat that's so fast argukhjskt

Cool game! One problem is if you get a level up as you get an item from a chest, you can get into both the level up screen and the chest upgrade screen, and if you quit from one of them the game starts playing again with the other menu still up