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Great to hear this isn't totally dead. Looking forward to future news. :)

I enjoyed it. I dunno.. I think some people are being a bit harsh. Sometimes it's good to take a simple concept with minimal mechanics and run with it. How many games have down down the drain of history for just being overly ambitious? Too many to count I'm sure. Good job. I hope much was learned from this and will be added to your next endeavor.

Wow.. sorry for not seeing this 86 days ago. lol

Good news is that there is in fact a new version of S2 Engine HD. I have it, and it's feeling pretty good. I think the user base is still small, but there youtube videos that keep coming out. I too hope for some more exposure and success for this engine.  Right now my biggest wish is that I had more time to muck around in it. Really busy with work and family these days. :(

No worries. Interesting... didn't know about S2 being abandoned. I thought there was a big update coming soon. Ha... thats just the way things go in this world. Anyway, good luck with keeping this going. Looks great.

Hello, happy to see that there was a fix for the offline issue. I just re-downloaded the file and now I notice that the only available option is the Game Guru, one. I can't seem to select any of the others. Also... I don't see a button for the S2 Engine or CopperCube. Looking forward to trying this out.

This is looking pretty sweet. More videos would be great. Maybe showing some basic usage for some other engines? S2, Godot, CopperCube. Can never go wrong with more videos, I say.