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alright dope, thanks for the quick reply!

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Quick question, sorry if this is somewhere and i just missed it. It's about backstab and tripling damage on update 1.3. When do you count Armor into the damage?  during backstab is it armor first then triple, or triple then armor?

For example a fixer rolls for backstab damage and gets 3, enemy armor is two. Do you triple then for 9 and count the two armor making it 7? Or are you meant to run it as the two armor lowering the three to one and tripling it to 3 damage?

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oh yeah i didn't even see that, I thought you meant that you weren't seeing the selections under 5-6, my bad. Yeah seems like a typo to me given its all full if its 1-2, 3-4, 5-6

Here is what is shown on my pdf of the SRD:

Awesome! Thanks tons! Had a good time playing this by the way, really love this.

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Do you have that skeleton on its own without the hexagons covering?  Cause it looks sick and i'd love to see it just by itself! Very cool, weird idea and i really love it!

yoo awesome! thanks tons for the quick reply!  The puzzle bit is a great idea, like trying to figure out how to break open a long forgotten shipping container that's gene locked to some hegemony dude or some shit. Very very cool, thanks again for making this!

I love the idea of this, definitely going to use this! Always wanted to have s.t.a.l.k.e.r emissions on the table! any idea on rules for finding cover quickly while outside a settlement during overland travel? I'm trying to think of like how to quickly figure where nearest shelter would be and how to have pc's get there without it being a sort of save or die type deal, drawing a blank. Regardless if you answer this, thanks for making this, it's really awesome.

Have played two games of this and am absolutely loving it, got a community copy but will definitely be buying when I can. Seriously awesome, can't wait for more!  Setting is awesome, mechanics are simple and very quick to get things going. I LOVE the spell system, simple yet flexible and super interesting. Tons of encounters and generators. Just super solid all around.