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Can anyone tell me the solutions to 4-7 and 4-12? I and several other people could not figure it out. In 4-12 it seems like I'm missing a mechanic or something.

Why is lawn 8

neat idea, really fun game!

We played this game in the SRL Mystery Tournament 16 blind racing tournament recently, and it was so much fun! I did not expect all the places this game goes, and the super impressive variety. Here's a video of the match if you're interested: 

we played the demo in a Mystery Tournament blind race today, and I had a lot of fun! great movement, visual design and music. looking forward to more.

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Really fun and relaxing puzzle boxes. Looking forward to the full release!

I couldn't get the jump to work at all until I accidentally figured it out. The instructions here don't explain it very well. To jump, hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse (while holding the button) to determine direction and distance, then let go of the button to jump.