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I was wondering what was the best way to proceed. I have already made a page for a demo of my game and now I would like to publish the full version of it. 

Do I have to do another page or just add the full game to the existing one?

Would it have the chance to be showcased on the first page of if I just add the full game?

Thanks in advance

Thanks a lot for your kind words :) Really glad you liked it!

Thank a lot for your comment, I am currently working on the 6th level, where the character encounters the monster that locked him inside the screen. So maybe I'll published a first 'full version' of the game soon...!

And yes the highlighted 'here' was meant to be a link, I fixed it. Thanks for your observation!

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot, really glad you liked the music !

Thanks a lot, about the resolution issue, it doesn't happen to me when I try but I'll try to see why it's happening. Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it :)

Hey thanks for you video! And yes the first levels are made to learn the player how to move around and learn the mechanisms, and they will be more and more complex. About the end of the level, it's maybe 'cheap' but I just wanted a kind of smooth end of the level, but I get your point!

You're welcome

Ok my bad! I uploaded a build for 64 bits on Linux, try it out and tell me if it's okey?

Hey after some research, it seems that Unity can't export 64 bit builds (correct me if I'm wrong!). But if they do in the future I'll make one!

Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback! 'Moon River' just got Greenlighted yesterday! :)
Glad you liked it!


I reuploaded and I forgot to tick the OS for each file, but now it should work!
Sorry about that !

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No I don't mind at all, it's kind of you!

By the way, when did you download the game? Because it's look like the old version of the demo… Or maybe the download link hasn't been updated yet?

Glad to hear you liked the demo.

And thank you for the information, I didn't know about OBS, I'll check it out!

Hey thanks a lot for the support, I really appreciate :)

Also thanks for all the good things you say about the game during your gameplay, I like the way you explain the game. And nice fps you've got, what do you use to record ? I'm struggling to get a good quality when screen casting.

Thanks a lot for your kind words and for playing !

Thanks for playing and for your positive feedback :)