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Just finished this and oh wow wow wow. I want /more/. I want to find out more about the MCIP! Will you be doing more games along this idea? Although it was a little concerning how easy it was to get yourself killed. XD Naturally I had to explore them all just to see how they each individually lose it on her, and I like how doing so usually reveals more information you may not otherwise get. Makes getting them even better. Loved the game!

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I'm so glad I downloaded this. It made me laugh so often that I found myself sharing parts of it with my friends who don't read VNs.


Some of my favorite parts where the stalker jokes for sad Fake Fiance who never gets a name, but made me hugely laugh when he suddenly ended up with a sprite at the end like she's finally seeing him clearly. I love seeing Shuna mature (when I pick the options for it), and also the flaws for Atsuya while he openly admits to manipulating her. Holy shit! And then she accepts it anyway. I also love how Nia calls them out on how weirdly co-dependent they are on each other. I guess basically what I really appreciate is that the behavior of the characters isn't just shrugged off as romantic and are actually portrayed as not good things.

Especially with how Shuna admits that she can't actually think of bad things about Nia, but that it just makes her mad that she isn't in Nia's position. And then we see flaws in Nia later on when she blames Shuna and Atsuya for making her feel as she does and frustrated, as though she didn't get herself involved in the first place. XD These are all really well rounded characters, for all that some of them are faceless side characters. ;D

I guess I should say something about Fake Fiance in that regards too! At first I was for sure on Atsuya's side, but then you really see how he isn't just mindlessly trying to force his feelings on Shuna, and ultimately seems to just want her to be happy, even going out of his way to help her achieve that happiness whether it's with him or someone else. Also him embracing the stalking jokes (as mentioned before) and even trying to be a little less formal with his speech.


So I'm really glad I downloaded this! For sure I'll be following your future endeavors. Also went and downloaded Pastel Rain. Thanks for making this game. <3

EDIT: OH, although I did notice that while the days change every day, that it remained Monday for the longest time... XD;

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Yup! Would have paid for that! I loved it, so brilliant. And there's going to be spoilers here now for anyone who may be reading this! Made me want to cry when I had to get Val to reject Luke. I got so attached to him, but I adored Aaron too. I constantly kept just staring at the CGs in the gallery remembering the scenes and re invoking the emotions I felt when I first read it. Ebullience Games really created something powerful with this game. I feel the character's (all three of them) pain so acutely throughout, and I had so many laughs at different parts. This is definitely going to be one of the games I'd suggest to others, especially if the're just looking to begin getting into VNs. Thank you all so much for creating this. <3

EDIT: Although I did notice one bizarre thing that didn't seem to match up. When Val is talking to Luke's grandmother there's a line that says, "My grandparents had all passed away by the time I was born, so I have no experience in communicating with the elderly." But by the end of the game Val's packing to spend winter break at her grandparent's place. ...is.. is she going to a cemetary? Or does she just still have the house they lived at under her name now?

Oh my gosh you're right. I didn't even notice. I just saw the quality and assumed I'd have to pay for it. XD Whoops! Downloaded it and about to start playing it. <3

So if I buy this now here will I get a Steam key when it releases there?

Well I did get around to flat out deleting every file for the game and downloading it completely new. It doesn't seem to have fixed my problem, just changed it. Now instead of getting the error, right after the Narrator says, "But... how to decide?" I click, see Cream laugh, and then it instantly sends me back to the title menu.

Just finished it, and I found it super cute! Love how the characters aren't what you'd expect and have a hilarious but charming combination of traits. XD I favored Lee over Brian, but I did like them both, especially for what dorks they could be. <3

Finally managed to save him after two tries. The timer really does a great job of tugging my feels in different directions. I'm glad I played this. XD I don't suppose the audio at the end of Ending 2 with the Cool & Alluring voice is ever going to be shared? (For those who didn't get to hear it, I highly suggest it! Delightfully creepy.)

Redownloaded it and tried again but it's still doing it. Should I try to delete all the files everywhere and then download it again? o_O I'll try doing that when it isn't so late. XD;

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I keep getting an error that's making it impossible to continue on. Happens right after the end of the general choices when the Narrator says, "But... how to decide?" As the full traceback is... long. I've edited it down to the bottom entries only. Let me know if you require more. Here's what it says.

An exception has occurred. While running game code: NameError: name 'thair2f' is not defined

Full traceback:

File "C:\Users\Lidia\Desktop\Ellaria Cotton & Cream\renpy\display\layout.py", line 1199, in condition_switch_pick

if renpy.python.py_eval_bytecode(code):

File "C:\Users\Lidia\Desktop\Ellaria Cotton & Cream\renpy\python.py", line 1601, in py_eval_bytecode

return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

File "<none>", line 1, in <module>

NameError: name 'thair2f' is not defined