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Romeo's Special Unlock

A topic by MoonlitWind created Sep 01, 2018 Views: 532 Replies: 2
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So I can't seem to get this unlocked for the life of me, and was wondering if anyone else has managed to do it? I'm aware that you have to click on and play out all the choices, but even though I've gone through the game twice now trying to make sure I have, it never seems to unlock. +__+ So either I haven't played out something that is perhaps longer than I expected, or.. it's just not working? I just want to make sure it's not the second option before I go for a third sweep. Thanks for any replies in advanced!


Hi MoonlitWind,

Have you tried reading through the walkthrough for Romeo's subchoices yet? Here's a link to it:

Let us know if you still need help.

Ahh, I see! There was one still left that I hadn't found. Thank you for the link. <3 I got it now.