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will we see newt again after we let her go?

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If she is pregnant, when you meet her, it should say (Rinny greets you "Hey  ..., look how big my tummy's gotten! We've gotta do it while I'm like this"), Click (Non-pregnant sex acts)

scroll down until you see the option (Ask for '???')

I will not say what it is because it is a spoiler and takes the fun out of it.

Hope this helps!

Also, I'm sorry I think I may have confused you with the first post It has been a wile since I talked to rinny and I was going from memory, but I just talked to her to help with this post 

you may have to allow installing apps from google also I had a phone once that wouldn't install from google unless you were in developer mode 

It is called the dream go to rinny and say no to everything and then click the ??? option

I didn't get too far in but the story seems good but there are no images, but you should keep going with it 

And happy new year looking forward to man LD+ updates in 2023

sorry I missed your reply, but it seems like you figured it out but if you need more help there is the lust doll plus wiki, while they don't have everything, they have most of the game documented 

you are a disgrace to humanity calling someone the n word I Have nothing else to say but you will die alone.

Go to lin lin  at happy massage and she will make a comment about how bad you counterfeit pass looks then she will take you to the tattoo shop to make a quality counterfeit pass.

Merry Christmas

Good for you go make your own game and jerk off to it then.

How long or how often you play the game does not matter, it is the time and effort that went into building the game, It takes a lot of of coding and sometimes a lot of money to make a game if you want proof of how much it costs, then go onto the unity asset store look around most of the assets are not free  not saying the developer of this game uses unity but that can be a reference, also cost of development can be even higher if you don't do the artwork yourself . Some people make games as a hobby and sell them for some spending money and other people make games for a living. complaining about spending money on a game is like complaining about spending money on a piece of Jewlery you don't need it but it still takes time and money to make there are loads of free games on itch don't complain because the developer value's their work. If you want a game suggestion, there is lust doll or lust doll plus they are both free.

That's understandable I was just wondering mostly because of  dalvie 

I'm just curious when will there be an update for Lil shop o'horrors?

I second that suggestion that would be cool!

I have been waiting on an update for linda and the pillory stocks!

Been waiting a month for it and it was worth the wait.

thanks, I guess you were right it just released an hour ago

when will it be out for public?

From what indivi has said it sounds like your save files are from too many versions back assuming you are trying to update to version 43.1 that is 14 versions skipped from version 29.2, so the save file isn't compatible anymore. But if you're on desktop you can navigate to the folder with the missing file, and put a dummy file in there to trick the game into thinking everything's fine. Then just save your game and it should work.

happy thanksgiving

Happy to help

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* Island

To get to the island you have to go to the gallery in Upper New Ark pay for the pass scare the receptionist, so the guard leaves his position go to the island painting then go to the room on the left go in the middle where the statue is and break it after your shift is over go into the room with the island painting then sit on the bench.

* Nymosa

To get to Nymosa go to the fairy queen in the forest ask her about the plant and give her cheese (to get the refinery go to the Upper New Ark mall) and she will send some of her followers to show you how to get by the plant, then follow the tribal hunter until you find the village, talk to Nymosa 

ok that make sense 

Ok Thats good to know

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hey, I found another problem the cloths from Peacock's Feather both men's and women's don't fit correctly if pregnant and/or thic  but only when buying but they do fit correctly afterwards 

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hey if, you wear the chastity belt with alissa in the dungeon It does not say you are wearing the chastity belt

I can't wait!

ok Thanks I really love the game and I just updated to version 42 and was happy to see that you can bring alissa to the dungeon so keep up the good work!

when can we expect pillory stocks?