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Moon Empire

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Hi. Simple license, you buy, you have the right to use it everywhere even commercially. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for dropping by. :)

Text formatting should be handled by TextMeshPro automatically. I've tried it with Unity as you can see from the image I have attached.

Hi Harry. Thank you so much. I'm glad the font works well with your game. Also, your game is cool. The mechanic is sure a refresh to the genre. :)

Hi! Anything I can help with? :)

Hi there. Absolutely, you are allowed to:
- use this asset for any project
- edit this tileset
- redistribute this asset for free

It's not required to include attribution, but it would be nice.

Thank you.

Hi there. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your finding by the way. Will look for the fix for the otf format. Thanks again. :)

Hi everyone!

Hope you guys doing great!

I would like to announce a new pixel art font. Okay, seems like there's already a lot of fonts in here. But, Flashback included more than 500 glyphs available including alphabets, numerals, math, latin, punctuation, Cyrillic, Greek and other characters. It is clean, flexible and crisp. Suitable for all your need whether it’s a game, a graphic, posters, website. Flashback Font is a good choice.

Oh and also, I'm doing a 30% discount on all my fonts. Check it out guys! Thank you so much.

Flashback pixel art font
Flashback pixel art font

No, i'm not. It's drew by Bakudas,

Hi guys, sorry for the long wait. Was busy with life :D

I've updated this font! I hope this will satisfy your need.

Oh, a heads up, I will be participated in holiday sale starts in 3 days. Stay tuned!! :)

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thank you, looking forward to it! keep it up!

Hi, this game looks awsome. But i'm on linux machine. Is there any plan to release a Linux version?

Got it! Will update it soon. Thanks for the input. :)

Hi! What do you mean by latin characters? Letters like this: á with aposthropes? If so, then I am sorry my font haven't implemented it yet. Maybe in the future I will update with it.