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Thanks for playing! Clickteam Fusion games often flag up false positives, it's an annoying issue I've had to deal with but regardless its perfectly safe.

Thanks for getting on it so quick with those fixes. I can now build to Android but throws up an error if I try to build with script minified, not too important during debugging at this stage though.

/str/c3runtime.js:4194:8: ERROR - [JSC_DUPLICATE_CLASS_METHODS] Class contains duplicate method name "Release" 4194| Release() ^^^^^^^ 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Can't seem to get the latest version to build to Android though unfortunately

/str/c3runtime.js:4138:16: ERROR - [JSC_LANGUAGE_FEATURE] This language feature is only supported for ES_NEXT_IN mode or better: Optional chaining. 4138| if (textures?.length > 0) { ^ 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Works excellent! File sizes have gone down so much too because of the embedded texture support. Great job!

I made a room in Blender using a 64x64 tile set and it shows up blurry in Construct. Does 3DObject only use anti-aliasing on model textures? Thanks!

Setting the z height to 10 has worked perfectly. Thanks for explaining how that works!

I've noticed that the distance between the 3DObject model and the camera is quite far when the model becomes invisible. Is there a way to shorten this distance? I thought having the camera on a seperate layer would help but hasn't seemed to work.

Amazing work as always dude!

Cool idea though! We could make character models have facial expressions if we could swap out textures.

Thank you, was looking in all the wrong places.

I can't seem to find any references to Current Animation Frame expressions (sounds useful for adding footstep sounds with animated models) Was this removed?

Probably easiest thing to do for now is swap to a different 3D model.

Amazing!! Great work!

You're a hero.

Will animation blending ever be possible in future? This is a great tool!

Thanks for playing!!

Very odd, I'll look into this, thanks!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'll resolve ASAP.

I'll consider this on the next patch. Thanks!

Thanks for playing Good Khaos!

Thanks for playing! Spooky is what I do ;)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing Hanabal!

Yeah that can really get ya huh? ;) thanks for playing!

Come hang out for a bit ;)

It's coming to app stores but we're having some real crashing issues, trying to fix it ASAP.

We appreciate the support!! We are desperately working on getting Hopp to mobile as quickly as possible! (Just taking a little longer than we had expected, but we are getting there.)

I have had to make a few censored changes since I had some worrying messages about Ruby (a child) wielding a gun to protect herself. It may give out the wrong impression. The Patreon link has disappeared since this is now the Steam (and soon to be mobile) build, which doesn't allow such links. Hopefully this doesn't affect anybody's experience playing the game!

That's very bizarre, did anything change? I've not had a crash issue before, especially since the game can run on a potato! No you're right, it's an automatic save, there's a new patch as of recent so maybe download and try that? The gun locking has been fixed too.

Well done! You're the world's first!

You won't find Ruby's mother, but there IS a secret there that nobody has found yet ;)

Working on it! :) will do another log when its up and running.

Thanks for playing! :)

You don't have a mouse? What do you use?


Thank you all so much for playing the game and enjoying it. It has really been overwhelming to see all the positive reactions! More to come.

Thanks so much for playing and feedback! The toys can serve as a distraction definitely, it makes it easier to control where you want Hopp to end up. The papers by the couch can be used for something but you need other items for it to come into effect, another one of the games secrets (still many that haven't been found!). I'm overwhelmed at the attention it has received, sometimes simple is best. -Jake

Thanks! Three endings :)

Working on it! :)