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A desktop version is quite unlikely at this point. There's nowhere to buy the OST, but you can listen to it on YouTube: 

If you want to support us, you can always buy our next game :)

Thanks! We're set to release the full thing next year, so give us a follow somewhere if you want to stay in the loop!

Thanks for the kind words - and good note about the buttons. (we'll look into that) 

The next chapters are coming along great but it'll probably be a little while until they're available to the public. Please consider following us on a platform of your choice to stay up-to-date!

Thanks for playing, and glad you had fun! I enjoyed watching your playthrough - nobody can seem to resist answering "Pog" :)

The obvious in-universe quirks you mentioned do get addressed in future chapters, though I may bring some of that into chapter 1 as it seems to be a sticking point for a few players. We'll see!

Glad you enjoyed the game! 

I'd definitely love to work on something with VO someday, it'll just need to be the right kind of project where it makes financial sense to do so. Can't say I haven't thought about it!

If you want to support the studio, give us a follow somewhere and be sure to give our future games a try!

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll look forward to our future games!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on something new as we speak - you can even play the demo on my itch page right now! Give us a follow somewhere and you'll know when it's released in full.

I've had a strong idea for how the overarching plot would go from early on, but linking everything together smoothly - and with string pacing - is where things get complicated :)

Thanks for playing! Happy to hear my "make almost every English word a valid response" shtick didn't go to waste.

Un-select is coming - it just didn't make it in time for this first demo; the "X" was something of a stop gap.  I'm also thinking about what other content can/should be shown in our second demo to give a better idea of what's coming later in the story, though I'm not 100% decided as there are some budget considerations here.

Glad you had fun! This feedback is great, too; you're not the only person to mention the shaking and hover sound are more noticeable/harsh than I'd anticipated. I'll have a look!

Thank you very much! That's going to help narrow it down. I'll make the pauses skippable in the next build in case any one else runs into this.

Glad you had fun! AA was definitely a bit of influence here, so I'm happy to hear that shone through.

If you don't mind answering a few questions (which could help get to the bottom of the technical issues): 

- Did the game seem like it was chugging, or did performance seem relatively normal other than the long pauses/shakes?

- Maybe weird one, but did the "text speed" slider in settings work for you? Would you say the text was unnaturally fast/slow?

Feel free to respond here or Discord/Reddit; whichever you prefer.

Nope, this is great! All appreciated. Dang, PC huh? I don't think an itch comment thread is the best for troubleshooting, but I'd be interested in knowing your OS/specs in the Discord.

One thing I might ask you, though, is to maybe move the spoilery bits "below the fold" of your comment (or move it to the Discord, even), just for anyone who hasn't yet played.

Regarding the story/structure/plot devices, I obviously can't say too much about this until the full game is out, but I don't think you have anything to worry about. Think of it like a Phoenix Wright game, if that helps: early chapters are shorter, simpler, and have mysteries that are easier to deduce, but grow in length and complexity over the course of the game.

Hey, thanks for the feedback (and thanks for playing)!

Regarding the technical issues (in general), were you playing on Mac or PC? I've been getting some reports from Mac players that the text speed option isn't working, so it'd be nice to isolate that if possible.

And noted regarding the tags; I'll get those fixed up. I always took "kinetic novel" to mean "no major branching" but hey, I'm probably wrong!

I hope you had fun in spite of the issues!