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17 points! :)

Very cool game! :)

I got 68%, though I'm skeptical about the accuracy of that because of the possible distinction between "hi" and "hello"

I was able to at least write down definitions for all but 2 words, which were because I wasn't able to go back through all of the dialogue after finishing puzzles.

me like game

you can prob just pm him with a screenshot of your steam library and he'll give you this version for free lol


Looked into this for more than 5 seconds, turns out the answer is no, but that's alright. I've enjoyed the game a ton already!

I got this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, does that also come with a Steam Key?

mother 4

very nice

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Alrighty, I've been playing this since about 2 hours after it was put up, and I love the heck out of it. I just got done exploring every possible route, which was a ton of fun to do, even if a bunch of the later stuff was in a rough state, i.e. unfinished animations and spelling/grammar errors. That's all to be expected though with a game still in development, so it's not too bad.

I did run into some issues with softlocks, namely in the scenes involving rain. Using the fast-forward feature would occasionally freeze the scene in place. I also think a scene selection would be a great quality of life feature, to make exploring every route less of a hassle.

I really like the dynamic all of the characters have (Jun is a sweetie) and understanding them and being able to relate to them helped make the dreadful section(s?) even more dreadful (in a good horror-y way).  It definitely got my heart pounding! This was a ton of fun to go through, and I'd play the heck out of a more realized version.

Edit: Forgot to mention the visuals! Love em love em love em :)

Edit Again: Music's good too! ok


Nice game, very good puzzle design :)


can i get a uhhhh psychonauts

thank you kanye very cool


that was really cool I actually got scared when I saw that sign change but no spoilers though

yeye thank o friend