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Love these freaks

Oh hell yes

It's here

This is excellent! So warm and homey. :) Gracias!

Thank you!

My thoughts exactly! A dark Room has been my go-to for narrative clicker games for years, but this beats it out.

Some tips to speed up the end of civilization that stretch significantly: Money Baby actually gives some helpful advice here. Ignoring the stocks and gambling can get you money pretty fast, as can manipulating the Finance ability. There's no financial penalty to selling shares, so buying greens at the discount and then selling them back at full price is free money. Free, ethical, consequence-free money. 🦝🤑

Cool teach romance option when

A lovely MUD-like with the potential for lovely emergent cooperative gameplay. Shout out to Carbon for our ice cream party.

10/10 Never wanted it to end.

Ohhhh my gosh. I had no idea file extensions were case sensitive. That fixed the problem. Thanks!

I'm trying to upload an HTML Twine game to, but the images aren't loading. The images are in a folder inside the game's zip file, and they are referenced using relative paths. On my own computer, the images appear fine when I open index.html in my browser, but on, they only come up as errors. What could I be doing wrong?