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Monsters Must Die!

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I didn't even know there was one since it's never been used. But worry not. Thank you for spotting the target. The target has been eliminated! >:)

Sorry to hear! As mentioned however this game jam entry is no longer supported or developed. I guess the Wanderer's wanderings have finally come to an end. :(

Hello! Thanks for checking out this project. It was made as an entry in a gamejam, so it's no longer being developed. However, I'm running it on Chrome right now as a test and it loads in on the right side of the "poster". It has a vertical format. Maybe your screen resolution or browser viewing size/zoom is too small and it's not immediately visible?

That it is! Thanks for dropping by :D

This is some mindless explosive fun! It really felt like a release to just run over everything in my path and spray machine gun fire everywhere. Congrats on this little piece the gameplay is tight. Would def play a "full" version. It's something I'd play on my phone honestly.

We have shifted the top down perspective into a side view, and every location has new animated background art, as well as  environmental effects that modify combat conditions. The monster gallery was expanded too with the introduction of monster abilities that require more than just matching a to-hit number, so combat itself should be more interesting and challenging!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our update. More to come in the coming days!

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Yesss! We definitelly got that feedback overall. Lesson learned. At this point a full hands on tutorial is in line for the post-jam release. Thank you so much for taking some time to drop a comment and following the project. We can't wait for the day you can give our game another try with the relevant fixes and upgrades. Thank you once more! :D

Very interesting concept. I loved the dark and moody art style, the sonar-like pings. and the constant feeling that something my come at you from any dark corner. Totally keeping an eye on this entry and this developer. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your support! We poured a lot of love into this little jam project. So glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey there Motorhud! I believe the issue was that you had to drag the card from the Burn Pile window to your Draw Pile, not your hand. Its true that some of the UI mechanics aren't fully conveyed. We ran out of time to flesh out a proper tutorial! Give it another shot if you can and try it out. Either way, thanks a ton for playing our game and leaving a comment!

Hey there! Very happy that you enjoyed it!

This is cute little management-puzzler! Simple to understand, clear presentation and effective delivery. If you ever wondered what working for A.S.S. felt like. This is your ticket!

Aww, haha, yes indeed. That font is definitely gonna be the first thing we work on post-jam. Thank you so much for the feedback. Glad you could figure out the mechanics regardless and enjoyed them for what they were! We really poured our hearts into this one as it is our first game and I chance to show our love for giant mechas and scifi! 

I'm so happy you enjoyed our little game! Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment. :D

Thank you! Honestly we didn't have a dedicated audio expert for this little project. We used clips from the dedicated community, listed in the in-game credit section!

Keeping an eye out for the post-jam developments! Cheers!

This game really takes you on a dreamy walk in strange but curious little world with a mystery to unravel. I had some visual optimization issues at some points but I'm looking forward to a fully developed post-jam build! Keeping an eye on this one.

Thank you so much for giving our game a try! It was trully a labor of love as we are big fans of the scifi and card game genre. We did our best to keep it sweet and tight but hope to develop this project futher post-jam!

Thank you! So happy you enjoyed it. We are big fans of the genre and decided to pay tribute to all our favorite things. I think the key to reaching the deadline, aside from good communication and team work, was focusing in a very tight gameplay experience. Had to keep it sweet and tight. Honestly several features were thrown overboard for the sake of offering the most balanced and rounded experience possible. But of course, the idea is to continue developing the project further post-jam! Once again, thank you for your feedback!

Looking forward to seeing how your project develops! Followed!

Very challenging little game!! My jaw dropped when one of my planets was completely wiped from the board. Congrats on making your first game and very glad to have played this entry. Looking forward to the post-jam enhancements. :)

Thank you for your words. We certainly plan continue building upon this prototype and your feedback definitely motivates us to give it our best! <3

Well if there is anything I enjoy, it is definitely to take over planets by the power of industry and human trademarked lack of empathy. This hits the spot. The humor was spot on. The events are interesting. And I love mashing random buttons to make things work! Because, yes, manuals are for nerds. Good work! :)

The art is top notch! Cute and cool at the same time! The concept works very well and reminded me of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I had a few issues putting planets into orbits, but then again I am really bad at physics XD. Still, it was actually fun to smash planets into each other. Big applause for this one!

Wow this little game was a lot more complex than I imagined when it started out. Love the care and detail you put into the alien creatures, their anatomical traits, coloring and such in respect to their resistances and other factors that need to be considered for a proper planet assignment. The art style and vibes are spot on and I personally loved the pin-up on the top right. Hot. Big thumbs up!!

This little game showed me that I really suck at basic physics. SpaceX should be glad I ain't the one launching their rockets. So many little satellites in the great black void! But enough about my own failings. Concept is solid, the art is cute. I would add more catastrophic explosions, but that's because my inner-Michael-Bay likes explosions. Thumbs up!

So happy you like our little game! I think this was made possible because we had good communication and synergy between team members. Each of us had specific tasks and roles to fulfill and many hiccups were resolved in planning and design before we hit the code. We do hope to manage a mobile build post-jam. This is our first game and first jam and an amazing learning experience. I'm sure you feel the same way too :D

Thanks for the feedback! Haha yeah it was quite the challenge to put this together in time as it's our first game. But we hope to continue developing this concept post-jam, and specially upgrading the pixel art. More detail never hurt anyone! :D

Wow, so glad you liked the concept! We are definitely big fans of the genre! Your feedback is appreciated and we have taken notes for further polish post-jam!

Woo! Thanks you so much for your words. We did our best as this is our first game and rushed to push it through the gate for the jam, but it was just so much fun to do.

Thank you so much for the feedback, so glad you liked the concept and the art. The custom font definitely needs some looking into but we are commited to continue working on this idea post-jam!

Yes indeed, a proper guided tutorial is in the works. Thanks a ton for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it.

Yes indeed, a proper guided tutorial is in the works. Thanks a ton for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it.

A lot of care was put into designing these tile maps. Rope swinging is fun! Except when they sometimes didn't work. Haha, but a cute adventure nontheless.

Thanks a ton for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. I guarantee it's winnable. Like all card games though, theres a bit of luck involved and a bit of exploting the numbers to your advantage. :D

So glad you enjoyed it. Yes indeed! This is an anime inspired vintage scifi tribute made with a lot of love for the genre. Thanks a mega-ton for dropping a comment. >:)

Quite a tense little space adventure. The music is on point and the detection mechanics for the centipedes makes for quite a challenge!  Ack, these alien worms definitely are asking for a serious face stomping. 

Hey there fine folks! Here is my team's entry to the jam. Are you in the mood to rocket-punch some aliens right in the face? Well now you can! If you have any thoughts, drop a note! :)