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I love the little robot sprite. It could sell the game, alone. I like the idea of unlocking abilities as you progress. I did find that at the beginning I can press 2 to grapple and immediately press 5 to get double jump, which allows me to skip a lot of the course.  Really great work for a jam!

I am really excited to see the final game! You are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up, please! I will be 100% buying this game. 

I came here to kick @$$ and eat bread crumbs... and I'm all out of bread crumbs.

I hunger for more!

Musically aesthetic and strangly relaxing. The learning curve is right where it should be and the controls are responsive and fair. The underwater atmosphere makes for a great playground. I am interested to see if the opening story has any merit on the game itslef. 

A great way to kill an hour or two!

3/5 - Great start but needs a lot of tuning. 

I love both the concept and the sprites. Pepi (the brain) is a fun little pixel sprite that runs on his nerve bundles? haha. 

The biggest and most frustrating flaw in the game is the mechanics. Pepi runs like he's on ice. When jumping the gravity is wonky. Also, if you don't have momentum already you cannot move in while jumping. I found this frustrating for a platformer. 

I liked the little scorpion sprites but they don't deal any damage to the player and their hit boxes are clunky. 

The little thing at the top of the pyramid does nothing. I was dissapointed when I worked really hard with the controls only for nothing. 

Music was perfect for the game. 

This is a Really great start for something super cool. Please fix/finish it. I would pay to play this game if the controls were better and the enemies fixed.  A neat take on a puzzle platformer. 

Good Luck!


I really enjoy playing this game. Punker is SUPER HARD. I am still trying to beat him. Can't wait to see the rest!