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Pretty cool. I learned a lot about Yakuza! Looks like an interesting course.

Aw yeah, time to crack RSA encryption!

This game made me laugh.

I really like the music and style of this game. The 2d crossed with 3d in the office is really neat. Even the reflections work!

Nah but for real. This game is pretty cool. Really makes you think as you try to use gravity to make your way around the level.

pretty cool! well done.

This has potential. The characters are interesting and I like the humor.

This is cool that you made a game based off a real life experience!

Wow, this is really fast! I can zoom in all the way down to pixel size.


Has a kind of SSB feel. The camera zooming to keep the Players in frame is really smooth. 

In this instance, Ganondorf is noun, a verb, and an adjective. "Ganondorf Ganondorf Ganondorf Ganondorf." is a complete sentence.


Fun! The little guys are so hard to catch!

I was able to get the game to run -- I could hear the music playing, but I couldn't control my square at all.

This was an interesting experience. I felt empowered when I was able to type the bad thoughts away. 

I played until I couldn't really see my character anymore. I think it's trying to say "Everyone I get close to disappears".

I didn't think coming up with 5-letter words would be so hard! This is a fun logic game. Reminds me of the board game Master Mind.  Why is it called the "Bull-Cow Game"?

Very cool! I like the trippy Post-Processing on the camera. It makes lateral movements difficult because of the fish-eye distortion. The "wasted" screen made me laugh.  I made it all the way to the green wall in about 2:30, but it took many, many tries.

Very cool. Thanks for this demo! I'm going to try your framework out. Thanks for giving me a good project to learn from.

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I like the story.  It's a nice 10-minute read from a tree's point of view.  If I was more discerning, I could have figured out how many years had passed.

neat shooter game.  I like how the colors change.  It's hard to stay alive for more than 30 seconds

Fun little game! SliderMan has a lot of potential.  I felt that pressure at the end, though!

Fun clicker game!

This game made my brain hurt!  It started off easy, but then my head started spinning when the little guys got split up.  This was fun to play! Great job.

Nicely done!  I like the twist that you have to destroy more of one color than the other.  

I love this pack.  It's sleek and stylistic.  There are a lot of duplicates, so I found myself re-organizing the pack right away.

The movement is so snappy and responsive.  And I like how the wood slides into place.   Things get tense pretty quickly as you run out of space and are forced to make quick decisions.

Good job!

I love the goose!

This game gets my fingers twisted up.  I love it!

Neat!  What are some of the tools you used in making "The Score..."?

Oh, I get it, your "zero" value is -300, so you start by building your way out of a hole.  There's some interesting psychology happening.  

What a fun puzzle game!  The last puzzle was hard to solve, until I learned a little bit more about the requirements.  These took a bit of thought to solve.  The spiral one I did with brute force, but even then it was fun to watch the pieces move around the map.

The bonus "Toybox" is fun to play with, too.

As soon as the game started, I tried to get my "mouse over blips" to match with the tempo of the background music.


This was silly and funny and made me laugh more than a few times.

I was able to get this game to play the game.  I had to Run as Administrator to get it to work.

This is an interesting project.  What a great idea.

Fun game! I like the art style.  It all fits together really well.  The dog bark to get rid of the cats is a nice touch.  Well done.

Really fun game! I wish I could cross warp paths.
Runs really smooth. No bugs.  Thanks for making playable in-browser.

I got into the game but couldn't figure out what to do.  I couldn't find any buttons to press or responses to keyboard input. Maybe show the controls or make the buttons more obvious.