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I tried password reset (I typed the email I used for github) and it worked for me. But it didn't work for some others

Problem persists. I also got no reply (other than the automated reply) to the email I sent to support.

I even disconnected accounts from both itch and github, then reconnected. I still get the same message

But, I don't use any launcher, I login from the browser

It says:

We had some trouble connecting your account

    Invalid state, please try again

But trying again didn't really help

Thanks. It is very generous

exe and linux? how does that work?

What is the license for the source code?

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Made it work on linux with glfw. But I didn't tested it thoroughly. I tried to keep the changes to a minimum. You might check with a diff viewer. (Also just tell me if you want me to remove it)

edit: fixed some warnings

edit: it can work on any platform supported by glfw

It works on ff 73.0 on linux, and 74.0 is out too

Also, browser games seem to work better on chromium

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Very good. I bet you can make it work on linux too.