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I feel that, I had some stuff come up unexpectedly the last weekend of the jam and lost about two days of work. Barely had time for layout.

That reminds me, I love the skill names! I read Tai Sabaki and was immediately brought back to studying karate in my youth.

Also, I'm actively looking for a Japanese co-author to come on board and work with me on future iterations of the game. I really want to dig into some cultural nuances to give the game some vibrancy. My preference would be for a new/aspiring designer like myself because I feel it will help build a more equal partnership.

I'm impressed with the execution of this game from top to bottom. It's got a great old school feel. I love that it's GM optional and can't wait to give it a solo playthrough. 

I bounced off the incomplete translation at first, but after a second glance it was pretty easy to pick up from context, and I'm glad I went back for another look. I particularly like the oracle, well done.

I think that was probably in RPGdesign, RPGcreation was much more positive about the idea.

Thank you sooo much. It's my first ground up project, as opposed to a hack, and something different was exactly what I was going for so this feedback means a lot to me. 

I'm likely to try some playtesting online at some point, so if you're interested in trying it and the timezones work (I'm in North American EST time) I can let you know when that gets going. It'll likely be in April as my schedule is pretty backed up.


Which subreddit did you see it on? RPGdesign and RPGcreation gave me two radically different receptions, lol. Overall I got the most helpful results from a couple discord servers.

 The best advice I got was to remember you can compensate people other than just with cash, they suggested if you can't afford a professional to find another indie and/or amateur designer and offer to swap editing or writing or art or whatever your strength is in exchange for a sensitivity read (just don't be the jerk who offers "exposure")

As for finding one, I'm fortunate enough that a friend volunteered to help me out with it.

I'm actually looking to go a step further and find a Japanese co-author for future stages of development. Both 'cause I want to expand the cultural stuff and get it right, and also just because an overseas penpal sounds like a fun cultural exchange.

If you know anybody who might be interested send them my way.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it. It's a beta still so there are still lots of kinks to work out. I'd love to hear your experience with it if you try it out.

Oh, I don't have to wait (not that I'll have time 'til I'm done mine), you've submitted already. Congrats on the quick finish, I'm jealous.

Sounds cool. Can't wait to take a look. 

Thanks a bunch, you and your products rock.

I'm making a TTRPG too! What type are you doing? Trad/narrative? Lite/crunchy?

I was shooting for low crunch, but scope creep seems to be making it more medium atm.

Very cool. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to wargaming, so I'm mot familiar with Forbidden Psalm. What's it like?

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If it's not too much trouble and on your list anyways that would be great. I'm hoping to rework them, but the project is for a game jam and having the option to copy-paste would be great in case I run low on time.

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What's your policy on using these mechanics in games we are planning to release? I notice it doesn't include a license or permission section like Schema does.

I would love to use temptation dice and escalation in an Edo era polical intrigue game I'm working on.

Can I submit a project I'm building for another jam this month? Or does it nees to be exclusive to here?

If I'm including a shout out to Sledgehammer as an influence on a game of mine how would you prefer to be credited?

Wish I'd stumbled on this a few weeks ago. I'll consider it tips for my 2nd.

Not looking for a team but I'd love to connect with any other ttrpg or print-and-play designers if only to know I'm not the only one.