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Hey! So the Gold Door leads, more or less, to the Onyx door from the Spiral Stair - or, depending on how capricious the statue is, maybe somewhere else! Mostly I had intended it to drop you at the top of where you started, but I also had this funny idea that if you annoyed the statue she'd drop you on the boat, or something.

Glad you enjoy!

"I have read this game."


I want you to know how excellent this map is and how angry it makes me that it is so excellent.

It's an industry that we may love but it sure as shit doesn't love us back.

This is one of the best nods to the hospitality industry in game form I've ever seen.

T H E 


I love how two Incursions with the same Theme can both go in such different and interesting ways. Really enjoyed the imagery in this one, particularly the use of Moments and Conditions. Really really excellent stuff.

This might be my favourite comment of any Trophy content I've ever done, and that includes Jason Cordova comparing The Plantation to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Thank you!

Turning a battlefield into a dungeon crawl in lieu of a mass battle system is 11/10. Absolutely love it.

Y'know when something's so good you get mad? I got physically angry reading the descriptions for Shepherd's Crook and Badger and then I bought it about six seconds later. Here I am, seething over Ghost Writer and Boom Operator. Don't get me started on Skyscraper. 

yall wild for this 😂😂😂

I very much enjoyed following this parallel meta-thought  - the slowness, the deliberation, how your thoughts slowly but surely coalesced as the writing went on, taking shape. Starting with a blank page and forming something like out of clay, but in one shot with no take-backs, and just being satisfied with the result. 

The first ?game has made me sit down and re-read a dozen times. I don't know what it 'means' or care but what it makes me think of and feel is that feeling of finding a secret within a secret, a little hidden something just for me.  The 'five false words' part is stuck in my brain like I really did just eat those words, without even specifying what the words were? Like I'm so mad at you for how good this is.