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Yes! Or rather, it will when the art is paid for! Essentially, "slowfunding" is paying for the book as it comes together.

Unlikely! I am Philosophically Opposed to thief as a class (IMO everybody is a thief). I may write/include Thief Options for other classes, though, now that you mention it.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you had such fun with it!

Absolutely! "Something I would have made in the 80s" is as old-school as it gets.

Yeah yeah yeah! WIPs are totally accepted and encouraged!

these are great! thanks for submitting them!!

Hi friend! You can absolutely do both of those things!

Making a list of additional resources for all your #OSRJuneJam needs! Will update as I think of more. Here's some starters: - art! - more art! - more art! - still more art! - you guessed it! - even more art!

Hey friend! Of course - the list of games isn't just what's allowed, just some suggestions! Love to see what you're cooking up in the sci-fi realm.
Hey friend! Of course - the list of games isn't just what's allowed, just some suggestions! Love to see what you're cooking up in the sci-fi realm.

I always work under 6-mile hexes as an assumption but given how loose this map plays things really whatever standard you like would be appropriate!

Thank you!

Appreciate it!

Some preview pages for the PDF are up AND the full text (text only HTML and PDF) is available as a demo! There will be some more previews and such as the project funds further!

Yes! I've reached out to a few retailers. They'll be in Cave Evil soon and likely Spear Witch as well!

neither of those things belong to the OGL.

Appreciate you!

There will be a text-only Epub version available very soon! Basically as soon as I finish cleaning up the manuscript a little.

oh yes! I should have time to update the PDF with bookmarks in the next couple of days. thanks for the reminder!

I can't wait to read this!

Danial Kwan and I talk OSR - I'll be running UNCONQUERED at Breakout Con March 17th-19th in Toronto!

Danial Kwan and I talk OSR - I'll be running UNCONQUERED at Breakout Con March 17th-19th in Toronto!

So! The third book is forthcoming, it ended up being a little ah, larger than I thought it was going to (SOMEBODY decided to write like a hundred and fifty spells) so it will be added once completed. The price will go up by another $5, which means everybody that bought it now will essentially get it for free.

Hey friend, glad you've enjoyed the rules! As far as I'm concerned if you'd rather choose than roll that's ultimately up to you!

If you never bought anything from me I didn't lose a customer, did I? Buh-bye.

Seeing as how you created this account to make this comment; I don't think you have been "interested in purchasing some of my work for awhile" !

Hi friend! Creating a level 1 character is as simple as creating a level 0 character and leveling them up in character creation, the same way you would in play!

both! And I fully support any and all translation work!

hey friend! You've got it right in your diagram - I usually just draw my circles smaller so they don't intersect but it isn't the worst if they do. Darkspace is exactly just the space between the subsectors - just draw some lines between the subsectors to divide it up and make big (or little) spaces!

Glad you've enjoyed it! There's a new edition coming soon, too 👀👀


I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

so the gear bubbles function sort of like an alternative inventory! They are "hypothetical" tools/gewgags/etc your character just happens to have that you can fill a gear bubble to retroactively have had all along. Like if your spaceship's hyperdrive was broken while a corpo cruiser was breathing down your neck, you'd fill a gear bubble and say "good thing I remembered to steal that hyperspanner from that merc's toolkit onworld" and go fix it. Does that make sense?

"ASR" for After School Renaissance is just what I've been calling the third wave of the OSR (though credit goes to Chris Bissette for coming up with the name in the first place)

there's some good conversations going on at the Monkey's Paw Games discord :)

I'll make a twitter post to clear things up but from the jam page:

I may be somewhat of a purist myself - as in "OSR means I can run Keep on the Borderlands without much conversion work" - but for the purposes of this jam, OSR is like porn: you know it when you see it.

Anything you make that "feels" old school is good!

I am loving this cover!!

There's also a few treasure hoard generators! Donjon has one, and I believe there's one for OSE as well? I haven't used either but you might find some success with them!

I don't know how others handle it but usually my rough guide is to take the average number of expected adventurers - say 3-8 level 5 adventurers would be an average of six, then figure out how much treasure it takes to get from level 5 to 6, times that by six, and then adjust accordingly to module size or relative difficulty. If it's the kind of module you think warrants a level up at the end, you're done! Typically I'll half or quarter the total treasure, then divvy that up between coins, valuables, and magic items.

Given the response from a certain forum has run the gamut of transphobic to threatening, yes, it absolutely is.

Soon! It's a small team and several of us have been hit pretty hard the last few years, between COVID & isolation, but there IS a finished (prettier) layout version with the art of some INCREDIBLE artists AND a hardcover print copy in the works! Glad you've liked it <3