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Hi friend! Creating a level 1 character is as simple as creating a level 0 character and leveling them up in character creation, the same way you would in play!

both! And I fully support any and all translation work!

hey friend! You've got it right in your diagram - I usually just draw my circles smaller so they don't intersect but it isn't the worst if they do. Darkspace is exactly just the space between the subsectors - just draw some lines between the subsectors to divide it up and make big (or little) spaces!

Glad you've enjoyed it! There's a new edition coming soon, too 👀👀


I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

so the gear bubbles function sort of like an alternative inventory! They are "hypothetical" tools/gewgags/etc your character just happens to have that you can fill a gear bubble to retroactively have had all along. Like if your spaceship's hyperdrive was broken while a corpo cruiser was breathing down your neck, you'd fill a gear bubble and say "good thing I remembered to steal that hyperspanner from that merc's toolkit onworld" and go fix it. Does that make sense?

"ASR" for After School Renaissance is just what I've been calling the third wave of the OSR (though credit goes to Chris Bissette for coming up with the name in the first place)

there's some good conversations going on at the Monkey's Paw Games discord :)

I'll make a twitter post to clear things up but from the jam page:

I may be somewhat of a purist myself - as in "OSR means I can run Keep on the Borderlands without much conversion work" - but for the purposes of this jam, OSR is like porn: you know it when you see it.

Anything you make that "feels" old school is good!

Yes! Absolutely!!

I am loving this cover!!

There's also a few treasure hoard generators! Donjon has one, and I believe there's one for OSE as well? I haven't used either but you might find some success with them!

I don't know how others handle it but usually my rough guide is to take the average number of expected adventurers - say 3-8 level 5 adventurers would be an average of six, then figure out how much treasure it takes to get from level 5 to 6, times that by six, and then adjust accordingly to module size or relative difficulty. If it's the kind of module you think warrants a level up at the end, you're done! Typically I'll half or quarter the total treasure, then divvy that up between coins, valuables, and magic items.

Given the response from a certain forum has run the gamut of transphobic to threatening, yes, it absolutely is.

Soon! It's a small team and several of us have been hit pretty hard the last few years, between COVID & isolation, but there IS a finished (prettier) layout version with the art of some INCREDIBLE artists AND a hardcover print copy in the works! Glad you've liked it <3

Depends on how weird you want your Sphere! I really tried to lean into the techno-wizardry sword & planet of like John Carter or Barrier Peaks but that's not necessarily everyone's cup of chai. A lot of the more specific Sphere tables, particularly the Deep, lean heavily into the weird, whereas the generic tables are mostly slottable into anything.

the Loom is the infinite canvas upon which All-Under-Creation is woven. think of the "stuff" between it as a mist-shrouded melange of open sky and open sea, shifting seamlessly between the two, crossed by all manner of boats. the Spheres are those worlds that people live in; some entire planets, some tiny islands.

picture not a flat earth but a flat universe, with worlds as continents and space the oceans between them. if that makes sense?

thanks for doing this!

that's what the bundle sale is funding!

Absolutely! I've put it up as a free "demo" version for those so interested.

Same author, new name! 3.0 is indeed a completely different game, just as 2.0 was from 1.0. An evolution from a BITD hack to a Trophy hack to what it is now!

The dogs can also pet you!

I was having a lot of difficulty coming up with words for my next TTRPG and this pack is a HUGE help! Many of these words I'd never seen before and others I wasn't sure if I was allowed to use due to copywrite claims. Now I have a thousand new words to use!

I really wish though that there was some kind of subscription plan for this - like a loot box, but you'd send me new words every month. Have you considered minting these words as NFTs? Think of the value you could add to these words by conferring ownership of them at great financial and environmental cost!

Aha! An Ashcan Typo!

Any instances of "AC" can be blamed on terminal B/X brain swapping AC for AV. It's supposed to be the armor value of the creature (ie damage reduction).


Good catch! I accidentally uploaded the afpub instead of the PDF - just fixed!

Hey! Yeah so the attribute should be 'Skill' and not 'Will' ; updated version has that changed for clarification! Thanks 

Just finished updating/editing! This is what happens when you hit "publish" at 330 am XD

LOVE how ominous the map looks! This is excellent

This is ABSOLUTELY delightful. I love every single thing about this so much.

I love them so much

This is it! The system in the book is PINKHACK 👍🏾

You had me sold at the frontpages.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far and can't wait to finish the first big update I have in the can 💙

Absolutely fantastic, evocative stuff. Big fan of the prefixes/suffixes system for magic items, very roguelike-like. Love the art.

Totally understandable! It's definitely a work-in-progress, and as with most of my stuff it sort of assumes a familiarity with ttrpgs that not everyone has. Was there something in particular you were stuck on?

Yeah! I've got some additional content in the can, which (hopefully) fixes a pile of the typos and also adds some more things - examples and etc. I'm also looking into working a character sheet in at some point.

Thanks! There's a fair chunk of content I'm working on at the moment, including expanded encounter tables! I've been thinking of planets and moons largely interchangeably wrt orbital subsectors but a separate moon generator also sounds like a good idea.

Oh there's no exclusive content or price threshold or anything - those are free copies available to anyone who might not be able to pick this up right now/want to see the game first. It's all the same files!

I appreciate it! Got a lot more in the works.