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Thank you!

Thank you!

Shank you girl!

Thank you!

Thanks, glad you liked the game!

1. Lockdown on Titan: 4/5

2. Decontamination: 3/5

3. Pink Diamond: 3/5

4. Mr. Anchry's Day of Twilight: 3/5

5. Super Market Mania: 2/5

6. Lockedown: 2/5

7. Confinement: 2/5

8. Atomia: 1/5

9. Lazarus Island: 1/5

10. Deadly Deliever: 1/5

I'm not ranking these game because I was unable to play them:

The Last Roll

Disease Killer

Alien Lockdown

This game isn't really good. Your attack range is so small that got to kill the disease by getting so close to them they can almost can kill you. And I really hate how you have to refresh to try again. Why can't it just restart me in game?

The game is good but hard.  I love everything but the kinda difficult challenge and your not able to replenish your health.

I like the story and the graphics , but I really wish there was more gameplay than just choosing what to say. And I really started get annoyed by the Entity is Awakening said everytime there's a new day. But I do like the woman's voice who said the Entity is Awakening. 

Hey Samuel and Kaitlin, when I go to start the game it just crashes. Can you fix it?

The title screen looks nice but I don't know what to do!

I really like the idea of the game, the upgrade system, the time limit and the gameplay on paper. But the execution isn't really that good. You honestly can just breeze your way through the game by pickup random stuff and constantly upgrade your bag size. Which just reduces the amount stuff you had in your bag from the previous round. Which makes no sense, it should just increase the amount of items you can pickup. And I also don't like how all the items you got in the last round is still with you, it just makes no sense. And I don't like there's no music. I know game gets harder with the score you need to reach but honestly with all of my complaints it just doesn't incentivises me to keep playing. 

Honestly the game should be same but instead of trying collect as many items to fit in your bag to reach the needed score. The game should have random items you need to pick up and you must rush to that item before the time limit so you wouldn't lose health and then it pick other item and other. But over course it starts of slow, so the player can get used to the controls and learn what they need to do and then build up the challenge overtime. And after you die it should boot you to screen to tell your score or for you to input your name for a high score. To incentivise the player to keep playing to beat their previous high score.  Just like how I did in StakeOut!

I don't know what I'm suppose to do and the police officers don't hurt me and they do nothing but walk around. 

The game has very good graphics and I love the intro sequence but I don't know what to do and it's too challenging going through the intended path because you're constantly attacked with bullet projectiles in one section. And I really don't like how you can just bypass everything by going to the black part of the level. And I don't really know what you're suppose to do.

The game looks awesome but it's not fun because you go into a room to get a keys to unlock other door. There's just no challenge to it and I gave up on the objective to wash your hands because I couldn't find a sink . And the game is poorly designed and not challenging.

That's awesome, thank you!