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I love it! I hope it comes out of alpha soon. Keep going!

I liked playing it a lot. It's a tough but fun platformer! 

I just played it and it's really a lot of fun! If this were on my phone, I'd probably play it everyday! Great game!

Hey all,

Try out my camel platformer I created recently. It's a swift download and tons of fun! I'm planning to update it with more enemies, so please let me know if you have any great ideas for desert-themed enemies. Also, check out my YouTube video on it. Enjoy!


Just finished the first few levels and I'm loving the art. I like the slow motion mechanic, cause it works well in a platformer like this. Great game!

I love the trailer and pictures. I might buy it. How long did it take to make this masterpiece?

Just started playing it and loving it so far. It's giving me nostalgia from the retro gaming days! Very good game.

I read the entire rulebook. Excellent game idea!

Thank you! It took some time, but it came out looking good :)

This is a very hungry horse lol. Great game tho, loved the ending lol


Awesome game!

Looking great! Can't wait til it comes out!

Amazing graphics!

Very well-developed. No doubt it took a while to make

I like the theme and the dialogue!

Really impressive simulator!

Love it!

Very useful tool

Lots of fun :)

Medieval-style games are fun

Really nice and clean game! I bet it took you a while to create.

I like it! It's tough, but always bounce back!

Fun game! Keep going with development!

Hey community! Try out my new desert-themed platformer. Updates with new enemies will come out soon :)