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Seriously, this fucking piece of shit ruined my whole fucking night. FUCKING WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS?!

Hands down the single worst game I've ever played. Unrealistic and stupidly difficult for NO reason. They arbitrarily remove the shit you need from every level just to make it pointlessly difficult. This isn't a game, it's an anxiety attack. I have never once raged at any game I've ever played, I just quit, but I broke shit playing this horrid pile of shit. I simply cannot overstate how BAD this game is.

I only played the first few minutes, up until the tea party, but this is SUCH a charming game, so much personality. The "audience" response is such a great touch

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If I put the key in the dollhouse, it doesn't let me go in. I jumped all over that thing and nothing happened

So it just ends at a door that you never get a code for?

I like it, but it really needs a pause menu

Level 13 keeps glitching for me, regardless of which block I push into the first hole, it doesn't fall and I can't finish the level. Also, I can move through blocks if they're up against the wall

Oooh, yeah that actually makes a lot of sense. You could always do what candy crush did and let players know that the level is a harder

It's not so much that they were too easy or too hard, I think if you just reordered the levels it would flow better. Don't know the level numbers though, sorry

Difficulty curve is all over the place, but it's a fun way to spend 20 minutes