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5588. Very good idea! I think (From what I saw) you could've made more use of the apple's bounciness - but it worked!

Good fun! Seemed like it was tuned nicely, and the difficulty ramped up well :)

I would make the shots  go the length of the screen - or at the very least, up until the mouse - I shot past people a few times!

Nice idea, am also pretty impressed by the randomly-generated tower.

Got a bit annoying when I shot an enemy only to be killed by another it was on top of and hiding...

Nice simple idea, well pulled off - I liked it! I might've missed it, but I couldn't see how many lives I had left anywhere - which meant I was just shooting without any kind of lose condition in my head..

Great fun! Nicely executed idea too :)

Fantastic - kept me playing far longer than most others i've played. :)

Can't get past the intro screen - (Firefox, W7). Just crashes as soon as I click anything. :/