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Try to finish the level without any death or you'll will need to wait the music to end to be able to clear the level

I know that sucks but I was very angry when I made this level \_("/)_/

Thks, i guess Hahahahaha

Just touch the brick that falls and push it away

These things are different depending which engine you are using...
If you're planning to learn about construct 2, there's a lot of youtube tutorials that can teach you how to do that...

Send me a email to
There I can send you some tutorials that I've used.
Sorry for any grammatical error, my english is not very good..

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Some tiles and enemies used -

Tiles that I edited for use on level 2, 4 and 7  -

Songs -

The principal characters, menus, backgrounds, code and etc was made by me and, I'm sorry but, I don't want to share it. At least for now.
There's a lot of tutorials online that you can learn about pixel art and script, if you want.

Thks for comment and sry for any gramatical error.

Sorry, I think I didn't get what you mean..are u asking for the solution?

I don't see a reason to post on Steam, but I'm working on to export the game to iOS when it's finished.

Thks for comment!