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Moirai Myths

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You acquire the password by making a specific choice in the demo! Hint: That choice happens toward the end of chapter four, and impacts chapter five. You'll need to go hunting in your game files and decode some things afterwords, though!

If you need more help, you could always ask the folks on our Discord:

Hello! We included this information in the description of our demo, but the pronoun discrepancy is story-related at the moment. Right now, the characters all believe that the MC/protagonist is a different, but identical-looking person named Daonna. Daonna uses they/them pronouns. When the full game comes out, and the MC/protagonist is granted the opportunity to clarify the mix-up, characters will use your chosen pronouns. We apologize for any distress this may have caused.

Hi! Apologies for the delayed response, and thanks for playing the demo! The full game is currently in development, but the first two routes should be ready to play in 2024. We plan to progressively release the routes two at a time until the game's completion :)

We are glad to hear that!!

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Thank you for info! For MacOS, you should be able to access the game folder by right-clicking > Show package content > Contents > Resources > autorun > game. The hint you are looking for will appear in one of the subfolders after you make a certain choice in a certain chapter.  We have a bit of difficulty reproducing the errors you are encountering, though by the look of it, the game might be missing some app permissions it needs for creating new files within the game folder. If you by chance have removed these permissions, restoring them back to default should be able to help. Alternatively, you can also try to move or reinstall the game from our or Steam into a less restrictive location; your game progress should be safe as long as you secure/backup your saves in ~/Library/RenPy/{game_directory} (which might be hidden and can only be accessed via terminal).

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Hi, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you encountered. May we ask for the exact computer model and OS system version on which you are trying to run the game?

Hi, the full game will be paid content!

Ah, perhaps a closer look at the game files might help? ;)

Thank you! I believe this is the song you're thinking of:

It's mainly bug/typo fixes and a few updates and additions to the lexicon!

Thank you! There's no in-game tool to decode the letter, but the alphabet is Ogham (primitive Irish). If you search for it online, you should be able to find several sources to help translate the Ogham script!

Thank you! <3 It means a lot to us to hear that we've done right by the stories.

We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the demo! You can indeed also get it and wishlist the full game on Steam here :)

As for your question about the door, in order to use the key, you must first decode it. We’ll tell you this: It is an actual, translatable alphabet/language, and if you poke around the interweb for a bit, you might even find the perfect online tools for the job ^^~

Thank you, we are happy that you enjoyed the demo! And yes, the full game will be paid. For more details about the pricing and such, please follow us on our socials :)

Hello, we added quite a few more lexicon/definition entries for significant figures from Irish mythology mentioned in our game as well as their lores. Every Irish term is now also linked back to the lexicon, instead of only those that are first seen.

Ah, we can't possibly tell you that, can we? So how about a hint or two :)

Have you exhausted all possible options? Could it be that the key to the secret is hiding behind one of the choices you might have missed? Where is even the inventory?

Still no clue? Hmm, well, we sure hope no one will pop open the game files for that.

Thank you, we are glad you love it! Please follow our social media to learn more about our upcoming Kickstarter, which will include projected release dates:

Thank you! Your progress will be automatically saved at the end of a chapter.

Thank you! The demo is essentially PG-13, but the full game upon release will be aimed more toward mature audiences due to certain themes/subject matter.