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That's just an easter egg with no purpose. It appears nowhere in the actual game. For some reason, the picture came with the free BG pack I used and I found it funny.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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Thank you so much for leaving a review! I know it was generic, but it was mostly intended as a practice game to test my Ren'py skills, so I didn't focus on the plot as much as I will in my future games. Also, the bonus story was just intended to explain Clarissa's backstory, not make her sympathetic; sorry if it came across that way. But, glad you enjoyed it! (As a side note, I am also trying to practice my art skills so that I will be able to draw some art for my future games.)

I like this game. Was it inspired by Papers, Please?

It is a very good game so far. I love the plot! How is progress going on the full version?

Hi, I'm the person who left a review on the previous version of this game after having DirectX problems. I like this remake better, though it still keeps a lot of the issues with the plot from the visual novel version. One other thing I didn't like was that the contrasting black-and-white tiles on the floor hurt my eyes to look at.

However, it seemed to be programmed well; I didn't notice any bugs, though I didn't really look all that hard for them. I also liked that Michiru realized the consequences of her actions in the bad ending.

Anyway, I wish you luck in your future game-making endeavors!

You're welcome! I can understand your difficulty with English; it's a hard language, and I as a native speaker even have problems with it sometimes. Also, your new art style, from what I've seen of the remake, is cute, too!

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Thanks for letting me know! I've never encountered this problem before, so I assumed it was caused by the game. Looks like I was wrong.

UPDATE: I fixed the DirectX problem and the game works now, so I played it. Now, for an actual review:

First, I really love your art style, it's super cute! Second, there wasn't really that much of a plot (it was a typical yandere story and that's practically it), and Yuki doesn't have much point in the story. Third, there were a lot of grammar errors, so you might want to fix that. Finally, the way the Good End went, with everybody nonchalantly going to class after a murder just almost happened, was a bit... anticlimactic.

I downloaded it, but the game doesn't work. It gives me the error, "The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_37.dll was not found." Do you know why this is?

I liked it! The story was really creative, and the chase scenes were intense!