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EpicShop V 1.8 is out!

Our fourth milestone has been reached. This update adds a whole new gathering system, doing away with the old spammy gathering method. This adds a lot to the overall feel and pacing of the game.

Check out the devlog!

I could not recreate the bug. Did you have another instance of the game running at the same time?

EpicShop V 1.8 is out!

Our third milestone has finally been reached, adding the much anticipated progression update. This update also brings our first paid version which unlocks additional content in the game!

Check out the devlog!

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EpicShop Preview V1.7 is out!

With this update, we have reached out 2nd milestone for the August sprint, bettering the game considerably.

Check out the devlog!

Thank you for playing our game! We have found a fix for the bug causing a white screen, and will be fixing it in a minor update within 24 hours.

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EpicShop Preview V1.6 is out!

This update, first of many in this coming period, adds a lot of visual tweaks and improvements. This change significantly betters the coherency and immersion of the game.

Check out the devlog

Further development

This is a part of a intensive development period during this (August) month. We have worked out a roadmap outlining the planned content. These updates will drastically change the game for the better and prepare it for release in the future. Check out the roadmap below:

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EpicShop Preview V1.5 is out!

This new update adds a wave-esque Rush Hour system to the game, which greatly improves the flow of the game.

Check out the devlog

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EpicShop Preview V1.4.1 is out!

Check out the devlog

Thank you too!

Also, we have already written devlogs for EpicShop Preview V1.2 and V1.3. Check them out:



EpicShop Preview V1.4 has been released!

It's adding a shop-load of features, including an elevator and a stockpile system!

Check out our devlog:

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Greetings shopkeepers!

EpicShop is a cooperative shopkeeping game, where two players work together to deliver wares to their customers.

This thread will be updated when new updates are released for EpicShop. We're releasing updates regularly, so keep an eye on us!

Find our game here on Itch:

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Hello shopkeepers! We're very interested in hearing your opinions about the game. If you have any feedback, please leave it here or in a dedicated thread.

We moderate this thread in case of toxic behaviour.