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What a neat idea and really well thought out. The breath animations are very intuitive. This shows off the potential of the playdate for more than games.

Small suggestion: You might want to make sure the music either is long enough for the slower exercises or that it loops cleanly.

This is perfect for when I need a mental reset, and I'll definitely be following this for updates.

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I really enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone with a playdate. It was charming and very well-written, and had me pulling out my playdate several times a day just to check in. I just reached the ending, and it left me wanting more (in a good way). I suppose I could've used more depth to the gardening and more consequences to my responses, but...sometimes it's all right just to enjoy the story and the mood and not have too much else get in the way. I'm really excited to see what you make next.

edit to add: I also just want to say how impressed I am at how well your team managed to "get" the playdate right out of the gate. This is the kind of sure-footed game I'd expect to find a year or two into the device's life, not right at launch.

This game made me feel wistful but also really really good