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Agh, it looks like I left the screenshot open in Snipping Tool and didn't save it. Sorry about that.

I do have a video of some unexpected behavior that I streamed after while screwing around after getting the ending. If the player goes to the conciliation line, then the animation won't play and the green arrow will just teleport to you. Other than that, the rest of the video is just me screwing around with the game with some pretty crappy audio commentary. Thanks for the reply! 

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Finished it. Interesting game!


After carefully timing deaths and kills for an hour, I also noticed that the music wasn't really changing anymore. So doing nothing after death triggers the ending! A message about the futility of revenge...I was predicting that it would be along those lines, just not sure how to trigger that event until I accidentally did. I think also entering the "hugzone" according to the github messages also might trigger it, and on my first playthrough I didn't get the scripted slowed down hug (I could move my player around as normal, ironically in fact I posed it for the screenshot). But interesting game. Great job. 

Also beat it,  great work, wish this got more recognition. I'll send it to the editors over at Rock Paper Shotgun, hopefully they will pay more attention.