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glad u enjoy :)

hi! thanks for using pchum godot

the push notifications thing is mostly due to what framework im using to build the app. I use the godot (game) engine, which is (as you may have guessed) mostly for making games. It just happens to be really chill and nice to work with for apps/software aswell. This + the fact that it works on a bunch of platforms (and so isnt optimized for phones specifically) means its not really intended for something like this. Through godot i dont have a way to easily access the direct platform integrations (like the android system libraries) which is required to make background notifs work. It is possible but quite challenging though.

Android is very picky about how your app behaves if you want it to do things in the background, which is why there is no ready-made fix for this kinda thing inside godot. there is a way i can make this work, and ive been working on it on & off for a little while now. It has some caveats like how i need to move some of the technical innards to the Java language and such, but i think i have a way to make it possible. Its just a very specific solution, and i have very very little experience with Java & the android libraries so i havent been able to make it work quite yet. i do intend to have the next update have background processing at the very least (so you don’t get disconnected when you leave the app) and i think if that works, notifications should also be possible.

thanks for the comment, and i hope this was a decent explanation :P

swag! if you have a desperate need for log saving theres the current up-to-date desktop client u can use on PC ( otherwise yeah itll take a little while more until i can return to this project more actively :P (also, what is a MU* engine ‘w’)

bluhh sorry 2 hear :[ im not really sure if i can fix that, i dont have an ios device to test stuff with myself & i dont think godot gives enough control over the html output to really fix something like that, but i can certainly try look into it

hi howdy sorry to hear its not working for you, could you describe what happens/doesnt happen when you press the run button :? which browser & operating system youre on could also be useful if you dont mind

this was so good !!! super interesting and i loved how its presented, with all the little separate articles and whatnot!!! awesome job all of u

homestuck alive and well ^^ pesterchum specifically has had real cool development the past year or so

aww tysm

very cute! love to see a buncha guys doin whatever

oh this is awesome, amazing job!! i was a little confused at first but got the hang of it quickly. very good!

aw damn i thought that was fixed 'w' most incomprehensible bug ive ever seen

thanks for playing either way ^^

very cool!! voice acting was a wild suprise! unfortunately i think the ending doesnt load for me correctly, after the second sun room it only shows a blank screen

Really solid & straight forward gameplay! lots of nice polish on the visuals & animations :D very good

this was really really really good

this is awesome!! somehow every single one of my phobias compounded :P

great job again!

😎😎 godot gang

d'aww tysm!!

this rocks!! really neat how the colors change with each orb! the music fits so well & the narration is very well done!! rly good polish all around, enjoyed it a lot :]

loved this!! the art & music r so good & its quite challenging! fits the theme perfectly, great job!!!

sadly cant get it to work, it either outputs

`no main manifest attribute, in Untitled.jar`


 `Error: Could not find or load main class Untitled.jar

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Untitled.jar`

ohhhh right, that makes sense ty

thank you vm for playing!!! would u mind elaborating on what sound flaws u ran into?

ty for playing!! also canonically that sheep is now at home eating some sheep snacks ive just decided so dont worry

ty for playing!!

o yeah got it after replaying, i think the "im going to shred everything" message interrupted the "im going home" one or something

poor hedgehog got doomed to sit at that desk forever

great atmosphere! gameplay kind of gave me papers please vibes even tho that makes little sense haha

being able to see urself all business like hedgehog-ey in the window was a neat touch

also im not sure if ur supposed to do anything else after having shred everything

i love the look so much, great aesthetics!! the little piles of leaves r super charming too

hell yeah! looking forward to whatever u make next

this is so charming and well worked out!! v chill extremely nice

enjoyed this a lot!!

ty for playing!

(1 edit)

this rocks! pretty challenging too!! spent quite a bit of time on that last level :P

great job!

really cute!!

so good :D

very good

o dang guess i forgot to double check the exports

I'll update them once I've got the time and also don't forget lol, thanks for the heads up

yeah its hella janky, initially i wanted to have it only rejoin once two members were touching but kinda ran out of steam before improving that, so it just spawns a new guy at the average position between the two regardless of obstacles