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You should REALLY add in the description and in bold that the character will jump automatically after running out of commands/controls. 😂 Good job nonetheless. 👍

Great little idea. The difficulty is pretty brutal though. Good job anyway! 👍

Great job on the production value! The idea is neat. 👍That being said, It's pretty easy for the situation to snowball quickly into a gameover considering that losing inputs make the game even harder.

Good job! I finished it. It's great way to handle the theme of the jam. 👍

Great job on that first demo! Not a big fan of quitting the game at the end though. I really thought the game crashed at first. 😁
The poster that changes on the second "level" is a neat idea but easy to miss entirely. Same for the first "monster".
Kudo for nailing down the PS1/Horror aesthetic. 👍 The demo looks great and creepy. To the point that it made me realize that I would love to play a king's field game in a "modern" setting like that.
Keep it up!

Thank you! 😁

This is great! Good job! I can see a great potential in that core mechanic if you can find a way to create more variety (both mechanically and visually).
But as a jam entry, it's top notch. I hope you will get noticed.

Yes, I clearly messed up the death condition and the HP of the player character. Ironically, I actually have an health system integrated for all the entities, including the player character. But I kept it at one hp. 😂 Too harsh.
The hitboxes are clearly not polished enough too.
Thanks for the feedbacks and for playing! 😉

Thanks 😁

Impressive stuff! Great Undertale's boss vibe in this one. 👍

Thank you very much! I will try to take some time to polish that GJ prototype. Nothing fancy but to make it more enjoyable like you suggested. 👍 Thanks again!

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words! The death usually feels super buggy because of a stupid rule that prevent the player to mix "color/element". I should have scrapped that...
And yes I'm also doing that with the bullets ahah! It's emerging gameplay from a big lack of polish. 😅

Thanks for the kind words. 🥰 Hopefully an opportunity to improve on the prototype will show up one day.

Yeah death can be very unclear due to the fact that you can't mix absorbed cards. If the character is red, absorbing green or blue cards kill the character... 🙃 Sorry about that unclear mechanic. I realized too late how confusing it really is. 

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Thanks for the comment and sorry for the wall bug. I'm pretty fond of the concept so who knows? But I will reuse some of the tools and the techniques developed during the jam, that's for sure. 😁

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We have the same core concept (Absorb bullet and throw them back) Ahah! 😁 But the execution is quite different which is very interesting to see. Keep it up! 👍

This is great! Give us more space to navigate and/or a way to prevent cheap edge deaths and you got yourself a solid arcade game. 👍

Cool simple concept! I'm sure you learned a lot during the making of the game.
Some observations:
- if you don't have time to make a meaningful music loop, just don't integrate it. Imho what you have right now might be worst than nothing for our ears. 😉
- No need to say "noob" on the game over screen. Of course, I don't take any offense from it. Just I feel that this kind of humor needs to be earned like using it in a brutally hard game.

Keep it up! 👍