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nothing super exciting, but I do like that the enemies get harder as you get stronger, and weaker as you get weaker. What was the big boss supposed to do at the end? I couldn't kill it

not playable

never loaded for m

unacceptable, controls are impressively bad. couldn't do much.

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Very good job. Controls work flawlessly. I wish there weren't so many controls though. Also, I'm sure I'm going to see this game 100 more times. Also, would've been nice to see some better graphics.

Spot on! I want to make it for the phone and add in goals. I do believe spore was international. When I was close to the end, it reminded me of spore, and I thought that was awesome.

yes, sorry about that. Glad you played it until it exploded!


I think this game is an incredible achievemnt for a 2 man team.

This must of been made on a linux computer huh? on windows, if you don't leave an extension windows doesnt recognize the file automatically. As a windows user (the majority of USA) if Windows doesnt recognize the file, it's a bit confusing on where to go from there. I should have tried unzipping it I guess...

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Ty so much! Yes, so sorry about that. The idea was to go into a larger shape, which would have been a fish (you can see the Shape if you press auto complete) and then you could combine the fish with tesselation and endlessly connect.

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Ty so much! Yes, I made a change in the last hour of the game jam, that broke the star, and I couldnt fix it. It's a shame really, because I really was going with this idea! I do plan on finishing the game, and also an android build.  Did you try the auto complete? it at least shows what I was aiming for.

Ty so much. I wish I had more time, I think the game would of been incredible. I think I will finish this game. I'll most likely go for a smart phone build, so keep an eye out for that!

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Wish there was more to do, but great concept! Would of been nice to see a power meter for the charge.

Good job, but, The controls are extremely hard to play. Why include the whole world? Colors ofcrows is confusing.

Great Concept. Good job making it puzzly. A little too hard to figure out where the springs will take you, and I hate the fact that I have to start all the way over...

ummm, like who did you think was going to solve that puzzle? lol. I made it past the first part, but simon says only works up to like 10 lol.

Decent! Why not have borders on the edges of the stage? Think it would of been more fun with a smaller play area as well. fast paced games are usually mroe fun when they are forced to be played fast paced.

Great friggin job man! Only thing I dislike is that I have to wait to lose... shoulda moved the end closer. and the path would of been cool to see, so I didnn't auto lose every level the first time around

Simulation? I guess I couldn't figure out what to do. Someone else submitted a game called only one planet, and it's quite literally the same game, but you are a manager instead of a player. their's also has things to click on and stuff. Would of been great to see a prettier skybox as well.

Couldnt beat the game, but I think it's great for what it is. Don't really understand the physics... but good job on the consistency of death, found like no bugs.

If you get stuck, press escape, and try the auto complete.

I dont know how to open file