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Really fun game! Great sound effects! My brother and I ( 7 and 20 yrs ) had a blast playing it. We didn't quite finish to the end but we got to level 7. The "Squee" sound is awesome as others have mentioned! I really enjoyed the "world manipulation mechanic".. very polished, easy to use, and predictable!


Lots of fun, but very hard. I like the addition of the "speed burst area" mechanic! Very cool! 

Cool game! My brother and I played together... ( 7 and 20 years old respectively ). We really enjoy the music and art style. The first 75% of the climb was pretty easy for both of us. We didn't make use of the "rope" mechanic until it started getting challenging during the final bit of the game ( where it got very vertical) . I would suggest trying to layer the "rope" mechanic with other mechanics to create dynamic gameplay! Maybe "slidy" dark ice? Maybe a bouncy trampoline or something? I could definitely see this game being expanded upon and eventually produced into a full title! 


Cool game! My brother and I really enjoyed the style and the goofy raccoon. We couldn't get to far in the levels, but we only played for a handful of minutes. Music is super chill! 

"I liked how the raccoon falls off the skateboad..." - Kai (My brother) 

Cool game! Took me a few tries to get past the first few rallies back and fourth, but once I figured it out the game became pretty fun! I liked the increase of difficulty and random people + animals appearing on the court!

Awesome game! Fun puzzles that my brother and I completed in a few minutes! Unique idea of combining platforms and  puzzle games in a new twist!