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I reccomend GameMaker. It's free and lets you do most of the things you want to. Be sure to look into the free version restrictions (Which there aren't many of). It comes with a drag and drop builder, and you can code normally using their specific language (GML).

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This is my first game called Rise of the Species.

(Link here:

It's a game about playing as an alien species invading other planets and rising against them.

There's not much too it and it looks a bit bad but I thought I would post it here.

The coding and sprites are made in game maker. My sounds are created using BFXR and my music is some random stuff made in Soundation. All the music is made using pre-made tracks from Soundation. Any and all feedback is appreciated. :)

Edit: Moved this post as soon as I found out the proper place to put it. Sorry about that. I hope I haven't broken any rules. I'm new to the forums and using so any help is appreciated.