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yeah what is the theme????

Pretty good!

I kept dying at the beginning part, wasnt sure how to proceed.

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Thanks! I hope to have more time to do the next one. One thing that I got out of this, is I decided to get heavily into phaser's state management system. So I ended up creating a comprehensive tutorial as well that exhaustively goes over the process and additionally I include a lot of javascript best practices I've picked up over the years.

The tutorial and source code is on github here:

The final product is located right here on itch:

Wow that is really impressive.. You do this professionally?

Well, this was my first gamejam and I really loved it. I wasn't expecting much because I had never created an HTML 5 game before. I learned a lot and I"m really enjoying Phaser so far.

In hindsight, I believe that 1 critical mistake was made: basically I spent too much time on controlling the player. Sure it could always be polished, but I now think it might have been better to focus on all the other needed elements, then if I had time work on polishing controls.

It was such a great time though! I look forward to the next one.

This was fun! Great job.

wow, this was really good. what was this made with? where was art / music from etc?

pretty good polish

Fun little game! Clever level design.

My entry is starting quite late. I don't know if I have enough time to really make something worthwhile, but I'm entering whatever I make regardless (as long as it runs haha)

I am coding live on twitch - come say hi!

Hey I'm tonechild on the site, it was good fun/inspiring watching you work on your game. I'm going to try to make something myself if I get the time (hopefully) .. Looking forward to seeing the end result, and, I'll try to catch you later before the deadline.