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Thank you! I am currently (very slowly) working on a complete new level design.

On the way I will diminish the number of bugs of course. It will be more of a puzzle game than the dungeon crawler you might expect.

Thanks! :)

Hey! Thanks for playing and for this comment and feedback! All of these issues will be addressed in a future update. I'm working on a new atmospheric intro for example ( and the levels will be consciously designed instead of randomly generated.

And yes, there are still some technical issues in the menus and in-game. Will all be solved soon hopefully. I'm working on it! :)

Too much rng!

Really nice concept! Just one little thing... This text box is overlapping some cards:

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Iiiinteresting art style! Unfortunately I'm on Linux. :/ Isn't there an easy way to let your engine drop a Linux executable?

What engine did you use btw?

And... "Color-blind-friendly" it is indeed. Lol

Thank you! This is absolutely intended. One of my initial ideas was to make the lighting a central aspect of the game, so that you always need to look for torches and other light sources and in deeper dungeons you would be really lost without one because it's so dark. But actually many people jump off before they even reach the flamethrower traps. In general there's still a lot of balancing to do and the lighting might be one subject to changes. We will see. Thanks again for the feedback! :)

Thanks! That's the feedback I need. Difficulty is really hard to judge if you are the developer. Maybe I'll raise initial hit points a bit. But of course also be aware that you can level up your hp, as well as damage and torches.

YOu're welcome! Feel free to check out my first steps in gamedev as well. ;)

Thanks! :) Sure, I'm still fine tuning everything. But I think for the start there will be only one weapon and one spell. But the details of that are not set in stone yet.

Do you know of anyone who used this in a (serious) project?

Wow! Cool! I'm feeling a bit sad today, kind of... and seeing the first comment here really lights up my day! :D Thanks! Discord: mkt#8655

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yes, little bit too hard. at least for me since I'm not an english native speaker/typer. mabye implement a damage system where enemies you didn't kill just deal damage instead of killing you immediatley.


Thank you!!! I'm experimenting a bit with game development and I'll use this as my hero! :D I just wonder why you provide frames for moving left AND right. I actually removed one of them now, to safe file size, and mirrored the other one within the engine I use.

Anyway... Thanks a lot! The first $ I earn with my work will go to you! :P So probably you'll never get anything from me.... xD