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Signals, a casual strategy game, is now available for Windows and Linux players.


 Enjoy a relaxing management experience with this casual strategy game free of combat with an original soundtrack composed by ambient artist Jupi/ter.

Lead the search to repair alien devices and follow mysterious signals to find its source and what lays at the end. Your quest has been funded by the Artificial Life & Advanced Networks Corporation who see your mission as an opportunity to spread across the galaxy.

Hi everyone,

small 1.1 patch to sort out some UX issues:

- Highlight select card properly and visibly.

- Highlight board piles that will be filled once the geomancy card has been drawn.

- Fixed an issue where card selection did not reset properly.

1.2 is in the work and we'll see the introduction of points and a "witness mode"

- I'll be pushing a patch tomorrow that might help with the first issue, seems there is a weird interaction between camera speed and framerate that might cause this.

- I see, yes I can see how that would be confusing. In the score-based mode which the demo is based on there are 3 signals to fix & research which leads the player across all sectors. The demo should really only have the 1st sector, I'll change that on tomorrow's patch.

Thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated!

Hi everyone!

After 6 months of work we're happy (and a bit anxious) to share a small demo for our first game Signals:

Signals is a casual strategy/management game, here is a small gameplay teaser:

We are hoping to release early next year, the final game will feature a small campaign that will shed light on the mysterious Signals and familiarize the player with the A.L.A.N (Artificial Life & Advanced Networks) Corporation.  A "score" mode will also be present where the player is presented with a procedurally generated galaxy and has to repair and investigate 3 signals in the most efficient manner to target the best score!

Feedback, criticism & bug reports are all welcome on the community section on  If you have any questions please do ask and we'll be happy to answer them!

Thank you,

MKDB Studio

P.S: A Linux version of the demo will be available in a few days so keep your ears on the ground if that is something that interest you.

Hi and thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

- I will have a linux build of the demo available in a few days, the full game will also be available on linux.

- Interesting issue, we'll have a poke around it's not something we've encountered on Windows so it might be Wine related or hardware related. What hardware are you using?

- When you say "beyond the first area" are you referring to the first planet? The first system?  Or the first sector? We have a small campaign planned that is tighter than the current experience and has a story attached. Although we definitely plan on having the current experience as an available game mode that is more score oriented than story oriented.

Once again thanks for the feedback and playing the demo!

Thank you for the feedback, the card movement definitely needs polish.

Definitely a bug, will look into it and patch it, there should always be 2 card lefts due to the jokers being there so something definitely went wrong.

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely agree on the UX, focus was on getting the loop complete as I only joined the jam on Sunday. 

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. 

I made the wrong assumption most people would be familiar with the gameplay of solitaire games, I have updated the game page to explain how it works.