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its a real simple unity game - no programming just ui buttons :D

"Throw bricks at each other" *chef kiss* perfection

Thank you for writing  this - its grounding to hear your thoughts, and heres to being more slimey!

Thats fair! If you want it (and a heap of other cool games) you can get it as part of the Ukraine Bundle for the same price

But in terms of price, its $10 because it took me upwards of 3 months to make on my own, working in my spare time - so at least 500+ hours of work for $10. As well its only 10 mins because it would have taken longer, and more labour for me to polish and execute to a level I am proud of a larger experience. What your paying for when you buy something like this though isn't just the game - it's also the creator's next game and the game after that. Your not just paying for one thing - your telling this person whose art you like, "Hey, I want to see where you go next, and I'm willing to support it"

tl:dr if you wanna play it but don't wanna pay that much go buy the Bundle for Ukraine, but $10 is a small price to pay to support someone continuing to make art you want to see in the world.

AH! Thank you that means a lot and absolutely!


Fixed it up this arvo, thanks for the catch

no not at all!!! 👀 if u shoot me your specs ill have a look into what could be causing the issue!


*chef kiss emoji* perfection

Linux build in the latest release :D 

Score 1 max 0 wwise

im having a tiff with wwise (the audio engine im using) trying to get it on linux; so hopefully soon!

Ah yeah; its fairly old (and super janky) so im not 100% sure if it works on mac, but i'll try get a version up soon!

But i am thinking about also uploading the project folders for a few of the games... the aweful messes that they are, which may end up being the easier of the two.

Who knows; but if your interested in the project files im fairly happy to share, but no promises as to quality

yup! :D 

learning and exploring shaders was the main tech skill i focused on