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How do you change your lover's sexual preference? I know it says to allow them to take the initiative in both your sex life and everyday life but what exactly does that mean? Do I not call them or invite them on dates at all and instead they'll eventually be ones calling and asking Haato out on dates themselves? In foreplay mode instead of clicking the make love button, do I let them "take the initiative"?

Does anyone know to get the sex toy from the guy at the shrine that wants a boyfriend?

Also I've been trying to get the guard's quest (the TV station guard) but nothing's happening. When I talk to him he just says something like "I have three kids to feed". I've tried talking to his love interest (the guard at the cinema) but he just says something along the lines of 'he loves his job'. 

Oh! Thanks!

How do I get Haato to wear the kitty costume? Is it specific to someone's route? Are there special conditions? Also since the roles are reversible shouldn't the view points change?  

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The calendar for September and October's rent days says I'm supposed to pay 40,000 yen but I was charged 50,000 yen.

Next month