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i love this so much!!!!!!!! super excited for the next chapter and i'm gonna be rereading this a lot until then

haha that's very fair!! if only it was a catgirl pandemic

oooh this is so good!! i hope it gets continued at some point :3

thank you so much!!!! i am so glad to not have to replay the entire game up to this point :) and no worries abt the late reply lol, better than never!

This game is amazing and I love it.
One question though - is it possible to romance a character without picking the initial "this person is really hot" option? Didn't initially pick that for Ashley but then realized later it's something I'd like to do. Do I just have to load an old save and change my choice?

This game is fucking incredible. 100/10 55/5 I wish I could experience it for the first time again. The perfect length, left me wishing for more but gave amazing closure. Can't really recommend it enough.