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Hello game developers and makers!

I made a rather unusual multiplayer HTML5 game engine in Ruby (on Rails) and Opal (Ruby inside Javascript)

In addition to letting you code entirely in Ruby, it supports multiplayer over WebRTC channels set in a UDP-like mode. It's also encrypted, which adds an extra layer of security against cheating. These channels are peer to peer unlike WebSockets and avoid the Rails backend.

This is the only WebRTC game engine on the Internet. In addition to WebRTC, communicate with your backend server using WebSockets. This is a built-in feature of Rails using ActionCable. You even get rooms (called "channels").

Build authoritative and non-authoritative just as easily. All engine code is provided. Use first class Ruby objects as your game objects. Build the ultimate multiplayer web game. Easily switch out the rendering engine (Pixi.js) for any engine or the physics engine (p2.js). Or, don't use physics at all. It's all really simple, check application.js.rb and main.js.rb, your game will live in main.js.rb and you can require objects from there and access the p2p data channel, the game tick and the physics fixed update callback. You can even use all of the powerful features of Rails, like using a SQL database for your items or a JSON document store for your game state. With Onyx you can use the game development skills you already know with enterprise level web technologies. I can't wait to see what you can make.

Wanna make a web game from scratch but hate JavaScript? Try Onyx Game Engine!

Onyx Game Engine