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For the most part, no! But there are two items that do change the RNG from 1-20 to 6-20 and then to 13-20. That's the only manipulating that happens. The rest is based on the stats you level up! :D

Hey folks,

It's been a little over a month since the game launched and I'm blown away by the response it's received!

This is my first commercial project, so it's been an incredible feeling to watch Streamers play with their audiences, speedrunners break and tear the code apart, and modders start making mods for the game. Not to mention all the positive reviews! (5 stars on Itchio | 94% out of ~600 on Steam)

This whole experience has been incredibly humbling, I can't wait to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch, and to release some more content updates.

Limited Edition Haiku Plushie!

Haiku the Robot is now available as a plushie for a limited time only! The design features super soft fabric and a velcro detachable sword. Haiku is leaving the world of Arcadia behind and possibly coming to your house to explore!

More information can be found here:

Plushies are limited edition and can only be ordered until June 23rd!

You're right, a huge oversight from my side - it just goes to show how important playtesting is in the video game industry!

Thank you so much for this amazing comment!

Haha yea, already making a prequel before the main game is released :D the theme was just too tempting!

I love it! I wished it was longer **cries robot tears** - great job guys!

you also participated! running to play your entry rn!

Ah yes. I think I might just leave it as lore

An interesting little bug indeed! It will need some investigating - thanks for sharing!

Wow, I really liked it! A nice, real-time, tower defense game!

I loved it.


Sometimes you need to click on the iframe in order for it to work. I've tested it on multiple computers/browsers now and it seems all okay. Could you try clearing cache or in incognito mode? This might help :)

It won't load! 😭 I've been trying for at least 5 minutes now!

That's what this post is all about! Getting you some ratings :D

Wow! It's such a good little game, the visuals, the music, great work my friend!

Very cute art style and I personally loved the story!

The visuals and bosses look amazing! Great job!

Very good! I was confused at the beginning but then the penny dropped haha great stuff!

Great little game, I love every minute of it! I just wished the hit boxes were slightly smaller but I completed it with a bit of perseverance  :D

Really cool game, but I can't past level 2 because I don't have enough limbs to jump high enough 😭 But I liked the idea very much, I was looking forward to playing more

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

This is good feedback! I was thinking of adding spikes or something to the levels so you could suicide your way to reset 😂 but I didn't have time :( - now that I think of it, it would have enhanced the "failure is progress" theme!

Thank you!!

Hey there! I hope you had lots of fun during the jam. Please send me your game to play and I will try my best to review it this week, thanks 👍

Here's my entry: - have fun!

I had run trying to speedrun the levels as fast as possible! I also found a speedrunning strat where you can hit the red collider twice :D (please don't patch this, it makes it even more fun imo)

Yes! I can't wait to play!

The lags quite a bit at the beginning, but otherwise fun game!