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Thanks James :)

Ahh, 6,4,0 is the amount of the respective shape from the 3 clue papers referring to the pictures on the wall. I am sorry that it's unintuitive...

Hooray you finished it, yup there's only two ending.

I am glad :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you! I am glad that you like it :)

hi, sorry for the trouble. I am trying my best to reproduce and identify the problem, any additional info about how this happen will be extremely helpful. Thanks!

That's some high quality animation! good stuff.

Hi, you first need to inspect your arm, then click and drag the needle out of it, (north-west direction) (the video from Z9) shows how it's done, perhaps you can take a look. thanks!

Really sorry for what you have went through, I am not sure what causes the problem, perhaps the drag receiving area is too small, I'll look further into it. 

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ahhh i see, can you try dragging the antenna item to under the bed?

Hi, no worries man it's my fault, which part is it?

Thanks for the tips!

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This game is about escaping an everlasting possession from the unknown by surviving and tracing your lost memories. You must figure out the truth on your own in a detective fashion to escape the approaching horrors. 

 At base, it's a classic point and clicks puzzle adventure but with a horrifying premise. It features a story with choices mechanic that can arrive in a different ending. 

This is my first indie game published on itch, any feedback is greatly appreciated.