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The atmosphere in this game was somehow claustrophobic, I had such a deep seated anxiety the entire time I wandered around all I wanted to do was stop playing and it was at war with my desire to read each and every note while on the verge of tears. Absolutely devastating, well done.

Absolutely stunning, the dioramas had so many unsettling little details and it was like every time I turned the camera I noticed something horrifying about even the most ordinary parts of them. 

I should have written down the exact wording but my ending was something to the effect of "blame is shared"

I loved just exploring the museum so the fact that there was more was such a nice surprise :)

This was very educational, I emerge an expert on how fish are made.

I had a lot of fun with this! I really loved the style and concept, and it was the right amount of challenging without being frustrating. Very unsettling, I'm a big fan :) 

LOVED the deeply unsettling concept behind this. The jumpscares were too much for me but I have a feeling that was the intention sdfksdjfldskf 

You can see his butthole!

This was unsettling and fascinating in the best ways. I really enjoyed this, thank you for your work!

I didn't expect this to be so literal and I am not disappointed. 


The build up of tension in this was *chef's kiss*

So refreshing to be spooked without being jump scared or chased by anything  :D  really enjoyed this, thank you!

this was rad, thank yoU!

I'm so glad my offer was accepted! Love games with a happy ending.


(I loved it thank you)

I must be deranged because I just kept feeding the trash cans...