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Over the Moon

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What in GODS name happened to this comment section. Why are there so many trolls here? Don't let this get you down, author- this game genuinely is so amazing. It's so beautiful and sad and raw, and one of my favorite games on itch. Genuinely a must play. 

This is so absolutely beautiful. Just...the way you viscerally describe the pain of losing a parent, but the desperate attempts to piece together the facts and facets of them. The use of the devil and the magic really just hones everything in beautifully, and I am not ashamed to say I may have sobbed at the games end. Oohhh and the disconnect between the 'old' culture- the devil being surprised at you knowing bits of the language- and the 'new' culture- sharing the cigarettes, the bits where it states that the narrator is 'drowning in' English- never fails to hit me in the chest, especially as a first gen immigrant part of the Bangladeshi diaspora who is just pure Shit at their mother tongue, lol. 

All in all, this is such a melancholy game and brings out all the Feels, but also manages to (at some points at least) enter into a territory of idk...comfort? Like, the last scene in my playthrough where the narrator heads into the kitchen after dismissing the devil and decides to eat something just really hits me in the chest- like yes, the grief is there. The grief will always be there. But you have to get going- you have to eat, and sleep, and dance and drink. There is no use for running after the devil, demanding answers about his and your fathers lost love. There is no time for "what ifs" or "has beens", no time to drown in them. You have to get up off of that balcony, put out your cigarette, and find something to eat. 

The whole theme of trying to 'salvage' the past, trying to dredge up old wounds to further piece together the mystery of who your Baba was will never not endear me. This game was genuinely so amazing, and I will definitely have to do a replay soon! 

This demo is (pardon my french) absolutely fucking gorgeous. And not just the aesthetics- though the ui is probably some of the prettiest I've seen on twine. The beauty pervades even the text itself; the writing is lyrical and flowing, yet clear and crisp. If I had to use one word to describe the writing style of Uroboros, it would be ethereal. It is dreamlike, as though you're walking through someone else's hazy recollections. Yet, the text always manages to remain sharp and focused, never losing sight of the plot. The writing is always so easy to visualize, at a mere whim bringing in images of decadent halls and the shimmering night sky to the forefront of the readers mind. 

And the choices. The sheer depth of choices we have, this early on, makes me squeal with glee and clap my hands with joy. There's such a wide range to choose from, allowing the mc to spring to life fully realized. MC isn't shoveled into an archetype, but instead is allowed to roam the world, feeling out each and every interaction they have. And you're never penalized by the game for choosing the "wrong" option whatsoever. If you want to be mean, be mean. If you want to be kind yet bitter (my MC, thanks for asking) you have the freedom to do so! Any combination under the sun is possible, and the game won't lock you out for having the 'wrong' mc. 

And the relationships we can have with the characters also makes me giggle and clap my hands like a toddler in a candy shop. There's no relationship points or values or anything like that; instead, you can craft your relationship with each character as you see fit, letting the game keep track of your attitudes and mannerisms. As another commenter said, there's no need to second guess whether declining a piece of bread will lead to a decreased relationship- this game says, 'fuck that!', and lets you decline the damned bread without losing anything whatsoever to the relationship. You can create actual, meaningful relationships in this game without agonizing over being stuck in Route Lock Hell. 

I know that so far I've written what may amount to a whole ass essay, but this wouldn't be complete if I didn't have a whole mini rant about my wonderful little MC, Roselle the Imperishable, The Universal Eye, All Who Lasts Forever. (Whoo writing that was a dozy.) Kindhearted and outgoing, yet tactful and courteous; ever curious and open, yet keeps their secrets close to their chest. Charming, thoughtful, caring- they're a well of contradictions. When they were born, they were bathed in love from the Universe. Yet, after being cast aside by the gods, after being ridiculed and thought of as lesser, they now doubt the Universe's love towards them. It must all be a ruse, because how could this count as love? 

They're pretty curious about everything- about how the wind flows, about the way the water laps against the beach, and most of all, about humans. They've studied human anatomy extensively, and was more than a little excited to dance with the humans at the festival! Yet, despite having a job that allows them to speak to humans on the daily, they, well...they hate it. They never let that show though; instead they go about their duties with their head held high, dutiful to their task. They would much rather travel and see the world, but for now they will stay in the afterlife, guiding souls to their destination. What good were they worth outside of this? 

Roselle, while they are kind and loving, also has a well of bitterness inside of them that they try not to acknowledge, yet always manages to rise up unbidden. They love their fathers, yet in the same breath loathe the two for bringing them into the world, worthless and then tossed aside. They loathe Salvatore, due to pure jealousy. Salvatore, the miracle, the golden child, the beloved. They always attempt to act civil around her, and know that their loathing isn't justified, yet they loathe anyways. 

One of the only deities that is uniformly on their good side, however, is Lucille, above all grateful to xem for giving them a chance when no one else would. Ciocana is amusing, funny and playful, yet also a (potential) friend in the making- outcasts are drawn to other outcasts, after all. And they are definitely looking at Alessi (and may help out with the rebellion. Idk, whichever route proves to be the most chaotic...cackling like a witch rn). 

Now as this long winded rant falls to an end, I merely want to re-iterate my thoughts on this game: it's really fucking good. Like, really. Play it, replay it, and bask in the wealth of choices and the beautiful writing. Meanwhile, I will be banging my hands over and over again, waiting for chapter 2. Thank you so much author for making this incredible game! 

I checked the authors tumblr, but the last update was from 5 months ago. Apparently, per their last update, life was being hectic, so I'm pretty sure the game is on hiatus! 

I think its mostly because Mordred is still in shock towards the news, so they spend that moment trying to figure out 1) just how much Accolon knows, or condones and 2) is still trying to figure out how they feel about the event. In chapter 5 however, you're able to decide how you feel about him (though the options you get depend on what you choose your relationship with Morgana to be.) Though I do agree- I would like to have more options to express frustration or our feelings to Accolon after the reveal, though that's probably something best mentioned on the tumblr!  

The scream I scrumpt when I saw this. Actually so excited to start a playthrough- I loved the original game, but I ended up just getting so fed up with how everything was headed and how the quality seemed to dip during the second season! Extremely excited for this

Lance went to go Propagandize him with Merlin's visions, dw dw he'll appear. Our communal husband was NOT lost at the supermarket. 

I'm barking shaking rattling my cage, I need to now what happens neowwww!! (no pressure ofc) It's my mandatory llamagirl appreciation comment for giving us tboc. 

Gally simps unite!

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Pookie is showing up halfway through chapter 5 with the rest of the Camelot crew . Dw dw, we're seeing pookie again soon. 

There are two more chapters till the demo ends!

Maybe learn how basic grammar works before whining about people not being able to read your obtuse, bigoted opinion in a public forum. Stop being a whiny little brat and go watch Naruto or something. 

Hey there! Love the game, but I was wondering- does the free demo end after chapter one? The description says it goes up to chapter three, but so far I've only been able to complete chapter one before it goes back to the home screen. 


Totallyyy all right dude. I enjoy randomly pestering people in the comments section so I probably should have been prepared for it to bite me in the @ss. Have a good one!

Me @the last half of chapter 3: I will make so many bad choices <3 

What can I say except this update was incredible (as per usual). We got so much STUFF this update, with edits that help to give us a better understanding of the lore and the last part of chapter 3, which gave us more time to interact with the characters. I LOVED the convo's we had with the cast in this one- unfortunately, due to how I'm playing my main Mordred, I've yet to fully go down all the routes, especially the ones with Arthur, but I Am Getting There! 

All in all, great update, and I NEEDDD Chapter 4 right now. Oh why must I be poor?!


It's this week!

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Oh wait, I cannot take credit for this. I wish I came up with this, but alas, I can't code. This is all the work of Llamagirl! I am just a humble fan who randomly info-dumps in the comments. 

A bit nitpicky, buttt in older versions of the myth, Mordred was originally Arthur's cousin, later progressing to becoming the son of Arthur and his half-sister Morgause (whose commonly axed out of modern interpretations of the myths).  Morgause became combined with the character of Morgan Le Fay, who was (also) Arthur and Morgause's half sister, to the modern day character of Morgana Le Fay. Mordred then became the son-newphew of Arthur and Morgana in popular culture. Again, this is like, a really random comment about something only tangentially related to what you just said, I just wanted to info dump bc the legends are genuinely very interesting. :>

According to Llama's tumblr, the next update is coming out in a couple of months, which consists of the next half of chapter 3! The Patreon/Kofi demo has already been updated with another segment of chapter 3, however. 

Ok, I just did a replay and I snorted at the scene where Lancelot's picking at his food. Just... the great Knight's Champion, "My son will be the saviour of Camelot, woe be to those who cross my king", the big guy, just stabbing at his food like an angry toddler is so hilarious. 

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According to the author's  tumblr, this game and their other if projects are on indefinite hiatus. 

Whoo hoo, it updated!! Just played, and loved it. The maps were such a fun little asset, and I'm excited for what's up next. Still can't get over how Viel, love of my life, just left us like that. shakes fist 

Nvm, I found it by going through the archive! 

No prob!

Quick question: I remember scrolling through your tumblr and I could've sworn their was a discord for TBOC.  If there is one, could you drop the link? (I asked this on tumblr but for some reason my ask never sent. Also, I'm pretty sure this is not the space to ask this but for the life of me I don't know where else to do this.) 

Awww yeah! I've been waiting for this game since I saw it on tumblr, and this was great so far! The writing is nice, and the UI is very sleek, very fun. The characters so far are quite charming, and the MC's backstory seems to be quite intriguing. Can't wait to meet the new chosen one and our ex and give them a ....decidedly warm welcome. Excited for more!

According to the author's tumblr, they're taking a break from LaF since they're not happy with the story in it's current form and need a break from it. It's not abandoned, they just aren't going to touch it for a bit. The post in question, if you want to read. 

I loved Pageant, so when I saw this was the sequel, I had to play it! This was a really lovely little meditation (probs not using that word in the right context) on socializing and human relationships, as well as a perfect example of why the phrase "distance makes the heart grow fonder" isn't exactly correct. It was all very relatable and this was a wonderful game. (I probably make little to no sense right now because my brain feels like tenderized chicken meat, lol.) 

Same, but for me it then circles back to enemies 

She hasn't been on in a while, unfortunately. :< 

According to the author's tumblr, Mordred can have a small crush on Guinevere, which is never returned. Apparently, we can abduct her too. Exciting stuff! (Take this with a heavy dose of salt, this was stated a year and a half ago and a lot of stuff could have changed in the meanwhile.) 

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Oh my god it's finally out. 

I read this back when it was over on Dashingdon and was head over heels in love with it. I'm so happy it's finally out on itch, and can I just say that it was amazing?!? It was so fun and immersive, and the new choices and scenes really add to the story! 

And the characters were still so-mwah, amazing. Most of the adult cast inspires a mixture of loathing and pity inside of me. They're all so amazingly written and complex- no one character is fully in the right, in my eyes. Or fully in the wrong, for that matter. (Well, except for Merlin, Lancelot, and Uther. They can kiss my boot). Their decisions are motivated by their own complex personal motives and their pasts, and the way you weave these facts into the narrative is amazing. (I keep saying amazing a lot, but it's true! This story is truly incredible!) 

However, I did encounter a bug in the last Morgana POV in chapter three, where she's in her tower undoing her hair. My Mordred, who was initially pretty split on whether or not to accept Arthur as their father, begins to hate Arthur. They don't trust him, and they leave. But in the scene with Morgana, I got 4 errors. I forgot to take a screenshot of them (so, my bad) but they basically said that they had a macro error and couldn't find a variable that set Mordred's opinion on Arthur, if I recall correctly. It gave me 4 different passages from a few different choices. 3 were from the choices to fight Morgana about Arthur, and 1 was from the choice to cry because they thought Merlin was an evil man (which I didn't pick).  

Besides that though, this game is really fun and is one of my favorites. I can't wait to explore the dynamics Mordred can have with the RO's and with the cast, as well as giving some of them (*coughs* Morgana and Arthur *coughs*) the verbal smackdowns of their lives. (With Accolon- the fact that he give's Morgana so much leeway with her behavior and doesn't really hold her accountable for it- a disappointed stare, while with Lancelot, I can see my Mordred not even respecting him enough to give him the time of day-they'd be more likely to laugh in his face and mock him. And I mean, tbf, he kinda deserves it-he's picking on a child, for Christ's sake!) 

And speaking about my Mordred, I might as well share how I'm thinking of playing them. (This totally isn't an excuse to fanboy about this game harder, lol.) My Mordred (assigned female at birth, and in chapter three is coming into their identity as nonbinary) so far, resembles their mother a lot, from appearance ( black hair, brown skin, and violet eyes) to their personality. They're charming, deceitful, calm, cautious, and incredibly confident. However, they're also really friendly and kind, and while they love their mother, they also highly disapprove of her methods of vengeance (ahem, murder). Their feelings towards their mother and Accolon (who they view as a father) in particular are starting to become incredibly complicated.  

While they initially just loved them both, their also starting to harbor feelings of distrust towards them, and in Morgana's case, fear. After the prophecy reveal, they're starting to lose trust in the two of them and when their conception get's fully revealed ...phew, it's not going to be pretty. And especially in regards to Morgana, it's going to make them fear her even more. They still do love and adore their mother, but Morgana's breakdowns and bloodlust have started to push them into being wary around her. My Mordred, while when they grow older will act pretty nonchalant about fighting and will show off their skills (to feed their ego), is still, especially now, a pacifist at heart and would only ever attack someone in self-defense, and even then in a way that ensures that the person they're fighting against wouldn't be really hurt, so when Morgana goes on her little murder sprees that's just a recipe for disaster, lol.

For Lot, it' similar to how they view Lancelot, Merlin, and how they're beginning to view Arthur- someone not worthy of their respect, and who they fully hate. They tend to only lie around him though, since they don't want to make Gareth uncomfortable. They love and are close with their older brother, and since they now Gareth yearns Lot's affection and loves him, they keep quiet about their hatred towards him (though Gareth's pretty much aware). Arthur they initially viewed with conflicting emotions, on the one hand wanting his affections and to reach out to him, on the other hand being scared of getting rejected by him and harboring some of Morgana's hatred in their heart. While they did become hopeful and wanted to mend their relationship with him after they first met and he gave them the dragon figurine, those hopes quickly became dashed after he rejected their hug and in the lodge, basically admitted he's ashamed by them. (Not to mention him not stepping when Lancelot was beating the crap out of Accolon.) Now, they want nothing to do with him, and hate his guts. They still, however, yearn for his affection and I can see them, when they arrive in Camelot, at least marginally improving their relationship with him. (Of course, then they go ~villain~ with Aggy, so uh, all that progress also goes down the drain). Finneas, their dragon, is their bestie and they'd do anything to protect him. 

They're pretty squeamish of blood and violence in general, and when they were younger they hated the very idea of being a knight, preferring to have stayed on Avalon and just studied magic or farmed sheep or something. And, frankly, they still kinda wish that was the case. (Not that they'd ever openly mention this). They take to magic and studying- whether it be folklore, history, or anything in between- like a fish in water, especially Lady of the Lake magic. They also have an aspiring interest in politics and philosophy, and may soon be developing their own ideas about governance and democracy. (Again, not that they'd ever openly say anything.) 

They had a small crush on Nimue and Guinevere when they were younger, but they (mostly) grew out of it when they got older. I'm planning on embarking on Galahad's romance route as well as a villain-or, depending on if I can play it, an anti-villain- route, and I'm incredibly interested in seeing where this goes. Just imagining my flirty, sarcastic, argumentative yet kind and (secretly) very soft Mordred butting heads with Galahad makes me cackle in anticipation. And then, the angst of turning over to the dark side with your bestie Aggy, betraying your family, your friends, and your lover...pure, unfiltered pain. (Of course, they'd justify it as being the right thing to do, and that they were saving the kingdom from a future line of incompetent rulers and scheming nobility, and that the political reform they'd establish would more than make up for overthrowing the king and-if we can do this in-game- dismantling the monarchy. ) Ah, the total angst-fest in store for Mordred's future...delicious. 

Wow, this turned into a really long essay that just...divulged into me waxing on and on about my Mordred. TL;DR: Great game, love the characters, Mordred deserves better, I hope Lance and Merlin get nuked, and can't wait to read more! :D


Have a good time with Cove Holden, friend. 

I MORE DAY I CANNOT- First off all though, I needta speed through this pile of coursework I've been procrastinating on.