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Every update always made me excited! And poor Arya... ;^;

Question for the guys, what would you do with 14202750000.00 rupiah(million dollars) 馃憖

Your update logs are so much fun to read, especially the fun facts! 

Ironically, where I live, it just keeps on raining. Make sure to drink a lot of water! 

Yep! Sadly I couldn't play the rest because it kinda stop sending me chat room notifications. So I ended up missing a lot of them. I was going to go on Jaehee's route when that happened and I was on a vacation in Indonesia and I couldn't spend time on her route, so I postponed it until I get home and realize that happened. That often happens to me when I don't use certain apps for a certain time.

Mystic Messenger is a pretty good game, great story lines, characters and overall stuff. It isn't pay to win. Unlike other games, *cough* *cough* Shall We Date?: recent games *cough* *cough* The only thing you have to pay is DLCs which is optional and if you want to get a 100% on every day, Hourglass cost some money but again optional.

Mystic Messenger is like once in a lifetime type of game, at least on mobile. It's very hard to find Otome games that are free to play and not forcing you to pay to win. I remember calculating how much does it cost for me to win one of the characters route with all premium pictures and outfits on Shall We Date?: game, it was around 80 ringgit. Imagine being an American and pay 80 dollars for ONE character. Their earliest games aren't even that expensive, at most around 20 ringgit and get everything.

Got side tracked there. I'm very passionate when it comes to Otome games on mobile because that's where I play a lot of the Otome games. I watched the video and GOD! It brings so much memories! I watch those type of videos when I was very early on the fandom. It's just amazing to watch.

Thank you for the recommendations! I will probably buy them when they are on sale, a bit expensive for my usual budget for games. But when they are, I probably buy Dandelion: Wishes brought to you first since it is made by Cheritz, the same developer that made Mystic Messenger. I enjoy playing that game. Couldn't finish all of the route because it's very time sensitive and I can't help but wanted to get all of the days chatroom to 100%  but I very much enjoy YooSung and Zen's routes.

The House In Fata Morgana seems interesting. I don't know if I will buy it. Usually I went for really cute and romantic VN, very rarely stepping out of that cute genre. So, the game will be a first for me. Thank you again for the recommendations!

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I replay the game again because it brings me nostalgia. I did answer the questions on DeviantArt but that was 3 years ago. I guess let's freshen up a bit and have bigger wall of text!

    1. Which guy did you like the most and why?

It's between Mitra and Reksa. But my pick is Reksa and with Mitra, very close behind. If he's real, I would choose Mitra, he's a husband material. But in the game, I really love Reksa and his route so much. His route shows how the Komodos lives and more about them. In Rama's route, he warned the MC about the attack and it shows that he cares about her and how her actions affected him. I love him, not just by design-wise but also his personality. His type of character is usually my type in VN games. I like that the MC have to earn his trust to get his ending.

I don't have any issues with Rama at all. I'm neutral on him. His behavior is very PSM-ing though. I like his behavior towards the kids and it's just fun to see. It's kinda sad that in other routes, you can't save him. I wish there were. It felt hurt that to properly save him is to play his route and that's it. 

But overall, the characters, I like them, they have very diverse traits that make them lovable. Mitra with him being a big softie, Reksa being the bad boy, Tsundere-ish personality and Rama being emotionally engaging(and relatablity) and sweet on his own way.

    2. Do you play a lot of otome/visual novels? What made you choose to play Nusantara? 

I don't play a lot of VNs as of right now, I'm very picky, in fact the only game I'm waiting to come out is Cinderella Phenomenon Fan Disk, Magical Paws 2 and of course, your current project, Bermuda Triangle but 13 year old me is thristy for some actions and played anything romantic VN related. What makes me play the game is the title, one VERY specific word. Nusantara. That word pique my interest, it's very Malay sounding word and I never saw any words like that in a game title.

It made me download the game. I'm from Malaysia and it's very rare to see a VN that has Southeast asia, specifically Indonesia culture into it. (I have an Indonesian mother but she doesn't really talk about the tradition and history behind them.) Usually, they would have East Asia and Western culture. Not that it's wrong, it's just the usual. So seeing something SO different is interesting and make me excited. The only games that I know that was released in Malaysia are Sara is Missing and The Simulacra.

    3. Which element of the game would you say was the best and which ones would you say need work? Consider story, art, characters, music etc.

The best elements are the characters both in design department and personalities. They are so lovable! Asih, Yuda, the triplets, Granny Sukma, and the bachelors are great! The story is also interesting and engaging! 

As for the cons, at the time when you released the game, some of the CG art pieces are iffy. Like Tamara seeing Rama(?) getting shot by arrows that wasn't a good piece not gonna lie but the majority of it are fine, same goes for the background, the Herb forest, it doesn't feel the same as other locations, that's that. But seeing the Bermuda Triangle sneak peak, you definitely improved from those!

    4. Do you have any other questions, comments or constructive criticism? 

I don't have a question for the game, I feel like I understand them but maybe a little criticism on the story. There is a text cut scene where Rama said something along the lines of "it's her fault, why does she needs to involve herself in my personal business" It doesn't sit quite right on Mitra and Reksa's route but on his route it would make sense. Because the MC is literally involve with his personal business but the MC isn't up and involve herself in his personal business when she is on other routes, especially Reksa. I don't think there is one time where she goes to check on Rama, at least not on my playthrough.

I feel like it wasn't needed when the player isn't paying attention to him. That sounds so mean but you know what I mean. Another thing is that the endings, the good ones, feel so short. I don't know if they are shorter than the bad endings but they feel short.

I think that's all...? I just can't wait for Bermuda Triangle, aahh! I'm gonna snatch them up once they are on Steam! I want to see the antagonist and know more about the bachelors. Speaking of antagonist, I see that some people want this game to have Purba route, which I'm not gonna lie, I lowkey kinda want that too.

My reaction when Bermuda Triangle comes out

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Aaah! I recently just finish Legend of The Winged Ones but instead of download it from here, I brought it on Steam(I was testing if the code I buy online work or not and I wasn't interested in any other games other than yours)I fall in love with the characters(I still love Reksa). Again. The last time I played the game was like 3 years ago. Time flies so fast.

(UPDATE 11/5/2018!: FYI, the Steam version works well! I received all of the achievements with no issues! There is a minor, minor, bug where if you skip the sound effects will stay even when it shouldn't but you could mute it and unmute it and it will disappear. so it's not a big deal compared to the glitch/bug where the pictures didn't appear when I downloaded from GameJolt.)

Last time I said I can't buy this game once it releases but I can confidently say yes now! The art has been improved since LoTWO, it's better and has blinking animations! Kahlil ears twitching and tail swooshing are so cute. I'm so happy about his reaction to them!

I am very much interested in the Antagonist. I heard that he is very much like Rama, very slow romance and the fact that the choices made to pursue his love would make the MC OOC made my interest piqued.

Speaking of characters, Kahlil and Arya are going to be my favorite. Especially Kahlil, not only I like Kahlil's charming personality but his design is my favorite, I like Arya as much as Kahlil design-wise but I lean towards Kahlil, mainly because androgynous is my favorite type of look when it comes to love interest. It's a bisexual goal. And men with long hair is hot. That's another reason why I love Reksa so much.

As for Guntur, I like him! Big, scary but a softie. A trope that I like! It's kinda weird that Arya and Kahlil have some animal traits, like Kahlil having cat ears and Arya turning into a wolf while Guntur doesn't other than his healing power.

Arya is the first character that piqued my interest, mainly because of how he acted towards everyone. Very cold. Highkey wanna see Arya protecting MC when he is in his wolf form.

A little bit off-topic but when MC is chasing Mawar the silly music starts playing, I couldn't turn it off or lower the volume down. That was the only music that is on when I turn off the music.

But other than that, the demo is very polished compared to LoTWO, everything is nice to look at and there is no major bug, it is longer that's for sure and I can't wait for it. I'm so interested in the antagonist! You said that the demo doesn't mention or showed the antagonist, so Dio isn't the antagonist love interest. Aaah!

Reading through the Devlogs makes me want the game to come out faster. I'm so excited about it! I wish you luck on the game! Sorry for the wall of text >-<;;


The player. At some route, the player can choose to either to stay with them or leave them. If the player choose to leave them, they soon realized that they are not real. Is the player in some delusional state when they recently move to the new place?

This is an interesting game. I've got shivers down my back at a certain part. I am curious on what this game is about. I know this is about a toxic addiction to something, maybe a fantasy than reality. The person didn't know which is which. But it's still an interesting game, the art is good, the glitches/statics when the player is in some complicated situation and the  soundtrack.

Although, it's hard to know if you got the same ending or different ending with some choices. It's simply said The End.